Available Retired Adult Bengal Cats

UPDATED: 15th July 2019

Available for Adoption



Available for adoption




Ashmiyah Special Edition

INDOOR HOMES ONLY – Saska & Whiskey have never been outdoor cats. This means they have no street smarts.  They have both spent all their years indoors and are happiest when tucked up on the bed or the lounge.

They are both lap cats and enjoy a good cuddle and our company.

Forever home Found – Whiskey is very dog like in behavior. She’s the girl who’s happy to hang out with everyone. She’s inquisitive and a touch lazy at times. 🙂

Available – Saska is our diva princess! She loves a good chat, cuddle and lots of attention.


Ideally we wish to see both Whiskey and Saska adopted to cat free homes. (kittens under 7 months will be fine)  The reason for this is to allow the girls to move in stress free and make themselves at home without the need to navigate a hierarchy of existing cats.


Both girls will be fantastic with older children and both get on great with our Maltese dog.


Now is your opportunity to bring a well adjusted, superbly litter-trained adult into your life and home.  These girls are hands down two of our most outstanding Bengals in looks and personality.

Both girls will be ready to join their new homes by the end of July 2019.


This is a fabulous opportunity to adopt a healthy, robust adult and skip the energetic kitten stage

Our adult Bengal cats have always been health tested. They come with the following knowledge

  • Pk-Deficiency DNA tested | Clear results
  • Bengal PRA DNA tested | Clear results
  • HCM Cardiac screening | Clear results or parents/grandparents tested clear over the age of 8 years

These adults have completed their vet work and have been given time for their hormones to return to a pet level. This makes their transition to a new home far easier for new owners.

  • Each Bengal Adult Comes With:
  • Full vaccination
  • Full worming regime
  • Microchip transfer into new owners name
  • Full 4 generation Pedigree papers transferred into new owners name
  • Desexed with certificate of proof

Forever homes will be chosen from the best suited applicants to match the personalities of our available adults.

Our adults personalities vary greatly from one another. Some will suit many different types of homes, others have cute quirks where a more specific home will be their place to thrive.  This makes it vital we only place them in homes where we are confident their personalities will flourish.

Once we receive your enquiry form

We’ll be more than happy to match you to our available adults and email photos and descriptions of our available Bengals.


  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Our Bengals are used of having quite a bit of company as I work from home.
  • Sometimes we have two Bengals which are quite bonded and would benefit from staying together. (generally both are females)
  • During this time they require a lot of time, patience and understanding. Do you have these three qualities?
  • Please choose just 1 answer box to tick.
  • Our adult Bengals are in exceptional health. They have all been given clear results for Bengal -PRA, PK-Deficiency and have parents who have scanned clear for HCM over the age of 8 or have scanned clear themselves. Are you prepared to feed a high quality diet and continue with yearly health checks?
  • Please list how many family members are living within your home and list their ages.
  • Please list all existing pets. Their breeds, their ages and their sexes.
  • We adore our Bengals and for this reason we do not rush them out the door as soon as they are spayed or neutered. Instead we take our time to properly allow their hormone levels to return to normal. This gives them and their new owners the best starting ground for establishing a wonderful relationship. Are you happy to wait between 1 to 3 months for your adult to be fully ready to join you?
  • The more information you provide us with the greater your chances of us contacting you to discuss our retired Bengals further. These Bengals have been an exceptional part of our breeding program and have been treated like our much loved pets. Their rehoming is taken seriously and is only ever done with their best interests at heart.
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