The Bengal Cat Personality!

My take on the quirky nature of the Bengal Cat Breed!

In essence, Bengal cats have a ridiculous amount of personality. On top of having personality, they are a life force once they enter your home. I’ve lived with a number of Bengals over the years from kitten hood to senior geriatrics. Below is my take on the Bengal personality.

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Happy homes equal happy Bengals

Bengals are highly sensitive to their owners’ emotions. If you’re not happy with your life you can guarantee your Bengal will pick up on this.

Your Bengal wants to be your world.  They will do many things to ensure your attention is devoted to them and they will always try to make you happy.

If you’ve had a hard day your Bengal will want to comfort you. Being able to do this is very important to a Bengal.

Bengal love


Broom… Broom…

In a nutshell, Bengals are the Ferrari’s & Lamborghini’s of the cat world.

They have a need for speed and energy levels which never seem to run out

Yes they do sleep and have quite time, but when they’re ready to hit the play button, they have and endless supply of batteries

They are superb for energetic people and kids!

The thinkers

Bengals are the doers and thinkers of the cat world

Bengals are cats with attitude from the day they’re born.

They’re quirky, smart, outgoing and eager to please.

These cats are highly capable of outwitting their owners.

Bengals are what I call, planner cats. They plan nearly everything, then they enact their plan. If they fail, they form a new plan and try again

The cat treat & special toy cupboards might need a child safety lock!


Good Lordy they love getting up high!

They easily get up and sometimes can’t get back down. 🙂

Pelmets, doors, overhead kitchen cupboards, the fridge, bookshelves ect.

There’s something about their nature which drives them to find a nice high perch to watch the world from.

Ensure you have a high cat scratching pole, they need it.  Also remember Bengals don’t understand breakables.  To them these lovely vases, photo frames and odd display pieces are obstacles.

Daily Bengal Antics

Bengal cats are naturally curious about everything. They quickly learn how things work.

DVD players on and off

The Paper-feed button on the printer is a favourite

Light switches on and off

Leaver taps turned on. (They generally don’t care to turn these off.) A good deterrent is a dab of Vix Vapour Rub placed on the tap.

Opening cupboard doors to sort through your food while your away

Turning on anything that beeps.  Microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer ect:

Bengal Chit Chat

All Bengal cats have a voice box and most are very proud to use it!

Train your Bengal early!

If you do not want your Bengal to be overly vocal, don’t encourage them by talking back. Bengals have very unique sounds.

Yowl: A common sound of displeasure or protest. (Favourite toy is hiding under the fridge and they can’t reach it.)

Conversation: Most Bengals actively engage in conversations. Ask your Bengal how their day was and often you will spark a full conversation where they will chat back and use different sounds and pitch levels to enhance whatever it is they are telling you.

Learning the different sounds a Bengal cat can make, then knowing what each sound stands for is a total treat for most owners.  It’s like breaking a code and can be one of the most rewarding tasks of owning a Bengal.

Zaya having a typical chat with her toy mouse.

Bengal Cats and Water 🙂

Splish, Splosh, Splash!

Yes, most Bengals are addicted to water. Actually, lots of cat breeds have a love for water!

For some they like to have a little splash or catch it as its coming out of a tap. For others they like to create tide-a-waves of puddles everywhere they can find water.

The shower is a favourite, the bathtub, the sink, their water bowls.

bengal cat portrait

Bengal Cats Are Thieves

They all love running off with makeup brushes, shower drain caps, sink plugs, dish cloths, hair clips and hair ties.

*Meat left on the sink to thaw is always a looser.  Thaw it in the microwave or fridge.  Once the Bengal takes it, I guarantee you’ll not find it for another week or two. 🙂

The smaller and shinier something is, the more pride a Bengal will take in placing it in safe keeping for you. Do not leave jewellery out for your Bengal!

Zaya steals a lot of things, but cat nip is her favourite.

Life With A Bengal Cat

Hopefully the above insight into the Bengal personality will help you understand a little more of how they operate and interact within a home.

The Bengal personality can be overwhelming for some people to handle. Others love it and can’t wait to get home from work or school to spend time interacting with their Bengal.

I should also mention how much Bengals love playing with toilet paper.  This sight is common if you don’t close the door! 

Owning a Bengal means taking something like this in your stride and being about to laugh about it!

The above artwork is compliments of Mitz and Dude. 🙂

Bengal cats love toilet paper