Personal Information for Bengal Kitten Ownership


Bringing a Bengal kitten in to your life and home is a big step!

As devoted breeders of your future companion we want to ensure your kittens paperwork is seamlessly put together with all of the relevant organisations and departments.

Where will this information be used?

The information you provide on this form will be submitted to the following organisations and departments.

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Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia

GCCFSA will issue your kittens certified pedigree papers.

Central Animal Records

CAR is the National Microchip Registry. Should your kitten/cat become lost, CAR will be able to reunite you as fast as possible.

Pet Plan Insurance

We want the absoloute best for you and your kitten. All kittens leave our care with a 6 week insurance policy.

Animal Travel Adelaide

We place all kittens which require a flight to their new homes in the care of Kathie & Ian of Animal Travel. They’re a wonderful team and are astute with ensuring your kitten travels safely.

  • Personal Information for Kitten Ownership

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  • Please note: The information required must be from an adult of 18+ years
  • This is the residential council area your kitten will live in.
  • Microchip 2nd Contact Person

  • Kitten Adoption Decleration

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