Bengal Kitten Waiting List Contract

Thank you for joining our Bengal Kitten Waiting List. We look forward to sharing the journey of your Bengal companion with you.

As conscientious breeders we do not pre-breed our cats for the sale of kittens to the pet market. Instead, we breed when we wish to retain certain genetics for our breeding program.  This means all kittens from us are select and there is no over breeding ever conducted, which keeps all ours cats best interests at heart. After all, they are our pets first and foremost and deserve to be treated as such.

Quality in health, temperament, breed structure, coat clarity and pattern are our specialties.

We run two separate pet waiting lists

Our Pet List Price Guide

Brown Marble Pattern | $1800.00 – $2200.00

Quality Bengal Pet | $1800 – $2200 (Small to medium Spotted Pattern or a mix of spots and small rosettes)

High Quality Bengal Pet  | Prices range between $2200 – $2500 (Rosetted Pattern: small to medium or medium to large)

Our Show Neuter List

Bengal Show Neuter | Prices range from $2500 – $3000 (These kittens are available as pets and whilst it is lovely if they are Shown, there is no requirement to do so)

Our Show Neuters are of equal quality to our breeding cats or better.

Our most common bred kittens are High Quality Pets & Show Neuters. We have dedicated over a decade of conscientious breeding to ensure our quality is world class.


Current Kitten Waiting Period

The current waiting time for a kitten is 3 to 8 months

Sometimes we retained a kitten to around 14 to 16 weeks of age. If we choose not to keep these kittens, they are also offered to our waiting list at a slightly discounted price.

Bengal Kitten Placements

Bengal Cats Australia places kittens via requested sex, personality-suitability & kitten quality request. Not in the order of deposits taken. (However, we do try to move through our list in order of deposits per list to ensure no extended waiting periods are incurred) Placing the right kitten into the most suitable home will always take precedence over a list order.

Waiting List Information

  • Please ensure you ask all questions before placing your deposit as all deposits are non-refundable.
  • We have provided an abundance of information about our kitten purchase process on our website. Please read our site thoroughly.
  • If you have any questions about placing a Waiting List Deposit, please phone Lee on : 0435 942 244 (a quick call will fast track the most up to date information to you)

Waiting List Terms & Conditions

  • A waiting list deposit is required to show your intention of securing a Bengal kitten bred by Bengal Cats Australia of Ashmiyah Bengals.
  • The waiting list deposit is valid for 12 months from the date of your deposit being received. (You will be offered a suitable kitten from a litter within 12 months of placing your deposit)
  • If we cannot offer you a suitable kitten within 12 months of placing your deposit, we will refund your deposit.
  • The waiting list deposit required is a non-refundable payment of: $200.00.
  • Should you be securing an individual kitten the deposit required is: $500.00
  • Should you cancel your waiting list placement or your circumstances change making you no longer suitable to home a kitten your deposit will become a termination fee.
  • Your waiting list deposit will be deducted from your kittens final purchase fee.

Do you want to proceed with placing a deposit?

  • To proceed with placing a Waiting List Deposit, please fill out an Owner Information Form
  • Please fill out & sign our Waiting List Terms & Conditions Contract below. Once this contract is received, we will issue you with an invoice.

Waiting List Deposit Placements are only valid for 48 hours once we issue an invoice

This criteria has been put in place due to the high demand of our kittens and the limit spaces available on our list

  • Waiting List Deposit Terms & Conditions Contract

  • Applicants Contact Information

  • Kitten Information

    The following information will be used to match a suitable kitten to you.
  • Please describe the type of personality traits you are looking for in your kitten. Also understand that all kitten personalities are unique and whilst we endeavor to match kittens to owners, there will always be future training which will need to be done by you.
  • Family Information

  • Please correctly inform us as to your status within Australia
  • Please list all family members and their ages. Plus existing pets that your kitten will share their home with.
  • Accommodation Status

  • Waiting List Terms & Conditions

    The following terms and conditions must be agreed to prior to placing your Waiting List Deposit. If you have and questions, please phone Lee and ask them before proceeding.
  • I am happy to proceed with a Waiting List Deposit

    I understand once this form is submitted to Bengal Cats Australia, I will be issued an Invoice for a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 to secure my placing and future kitten. I understand I have 48 hours to place my deposit. If not done in this time frame this contract will be voided.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY