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Our social media pages show you first hand how our kittens are raised and what our beautiful Bengal cats get up to.  We always add a mix of photos and videos weekly.

We love to keep you involved with our breeding program, our raising of kittens and the joys of living with Bengal cats.

Those who have followed us from the very start have been able to watch our Bengals grow up from kittens to mature breeding cats.  They have seen their beauty unfold over the years and enjoyed seeing the next generation take the quality of the breed forward.

Bengal Cats Australia have a world wide fan club out there, so join in and enjoy our cats as much as we do.  You might just end up with a special Ashmiyah baby of your own!

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Bengal Cats Australia

Strike a pose beautiful. ♥ ... See MoreSee Less

Strike a pose beautiful. ♥


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Joan Faith D. Piras

Who’s the little Diva. 😊


Jenny Adams Megan Roessler Jim Adams

Oh my gosh .. what a perfect picture!

Ready for the 'catwalk'.

So Lee Schilling this is Leo, Leroy and Lunas mum would that be right

I see where Leroy gets his eye liner from and his coat 😻😻

Great, he has that same look with his eyes 😻😻

Tim Ng

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Here's a rare shot of Asha. She's not normally a fan of the camera. ... See MoreSee Less

Heres a rare shot of Asha.  Shes not normally a fan of the camera.


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She is stunning

If I looked half as good as her I'd take selfies all day long...

OMG..... she’s so beautiful 😍

Absolutely gorgeous! 😍

She certainly is a very beautiful girl stunning markings

A beautiful photo

Absolutely stunning


She is just beautiful!

Strike a pose 🙌

Stunning girl.

Fantastic pattern

Wow!! She’s a real stunner!! ❤️


Dylan Kemp

Robin Foster how beautiful are her markings!

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