Bengal Cats Australia – Breeding Bengal Queens

Ashmiyah Renegade is 3 generations of Ashmiyah breedings!


Renegade has so many features we seek in our breeding Bengals.  Extreme coat clarity, large, sharply defined rosettes, large whisker pads, the whited face mask and a fully adult Whited underside.

She has Bengal Glitter, huge whiskers and rich red under tones.  We’ve nicknamed her our Ginger Ninja.

Bengal Cat-Ashmiyah Indian Summer

Ashmiyah Sneaky is 4 generations of Ashmiyah breedings! 


A superb homebred queen who has produced some of our finest Bengal kittens here at Bengal Cats Australia.

She’s a fabulous addition to our breeding program as her pattern and structure are identical to our 2011 Scottish Import stud Korshki Dark Fusion.

She’s an active, curious girl who loves to rifle through our drawers and stock take all the items she finds.

Ashmiyah Asha is 4 generations of Ashmiyah Breedings!


Asha is an incredible Bengal queen.

She displays stella features.  Large nocturnal eyes, chunky whisker pads and a solid chin.

Her pattern is well defined and her pale golden background makes her rosettes pop.  She has sharp edges to her markings and her coat is full of Bengal Glitter.

Asha also continues to bring forward our adult Whited pedigree lines.  The Whited genetics are few and far between and highly sort after by breeders around the world.

Genetically, Asha produces Brown Bengal kittens and Blue Bengal kittens (Like our queen Indigo Mist)

Blue Bengals are quite rare and can vary in their colour density and clarity.  We have quietly worked on the genetics of this colour and will continue to do so over the coming years.