Registered Bengal Breeder – Kitten Application

At Ashmiyah Bengals we take the process of breeding kittens seriously.  We’re very selective with our breeding process and breed only to advance and enhance the best features of the Bengal breed.

We do not support any breeder who wishes to breed for the sake of merely providing kittens to the market place.

However, we do invite like minded, established registered breeders to help us and others move the breed standard forward.  Improving the health and superb qualities of the Bengal breed must be your priority.

Please note that with time constraints over the coming year, we’re unable to assist new breeders who will require mentoring.

We’re A Health Tested Cattery

PK Deficiency: Clear Cattery/No Carriers via UC Davis California

Bengal PRA: Clear Cattery/No Carriers via UC Davis California

HCM: Clear results for multiple generations. Our breeding cats are screened with a Certified Cardiologist (Richard Woolley: BVetMed DipECVIM-CA MRCVS)

(Richard travels to South Australia monthly to heart screen cats and dogs. His devotion and dedication to our much loved cats and kittens is greatly appreciated)

FiV & FeLV: Clear Cattery/No Carriers

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