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Kitten Information

We can fast track information to you about our pregnancies and Bengal kittens.

We can let you know what months of the year we expect to have kittens join their new homes.  This helps greatly with the preparation for your little ones arrival.

Breed Information

We are here to help you understand what life is like with a Bengal in the house.

We can help you decide if a Bengal cat really is everything you’ve ever dreamed of, or if this energetic breed is too much to handle on a daily basis with your lifestyle and work/family commitments.

Learn just what the Bengal cat temperament is all about. Is it a good fit for your exsisting pets?

Best of all, with over a decade of expert knowledge about the breed, we can answer your questions honestly and correctly.

Learn more about why we breed Bengal cats

Find out our goals with advancing the Bengal breed.  Learn more about our breeding program. Things like why have we chosen the breeding cats we have.

Learn more about the breeds health and what genetic tests we’ve done to ensure we have healthy breeding cats, which in turn produce healthy kittens.

Introduce yourself 🙂 We only want the best for our kittens and whilst we ask a lot of questions, we’re happy to answer all of yours.


Breeding Prefix: Ashmiyah Bengals

Registered Bengal Breeders since 2009


GCCFSA: Governing Council Cat Fancy of South Australia

TICA: The International Cat Association

FASA: Feline Association of South Australia

DACO: Dog & Cat Managment Board of SA


Located in Adelaide, South Australia


Air Freight: Available to all States + International

Visits: Visits are via booked appointment only during contact hours

Contact Hours: 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday  |  2pm to 4pm Saturdays