Our Bengal Stud Cats

At Bengal Cats Australia we take a great deal of pride in ensuring we only breed with cats who are proven to produce healthy off spring.

For the health and safety of our Bengal cats we do not offer Stud services.

Ashmiyah Blaze N Daze  |  Blaze

Bengal cat - Dude

About Blaze

Blaze has a stellar pedigree which we have been personally working on for three generations over the last 8 years.

Our efforts and dedication to exceptional quality and the finer features of the breed have produced this outstanding boy.

Blaze’s confirmation accentuates the jungle cats movement of muscle and prowess.

He has superb body length, longer hind legs, a well balanced tail and a brilliant upper body with strong shoulders and a lengthy neck.

His head type is what we’ve been looking for as we interpret the Bengal Breed Standard. He has a nice rounded back skull, a face slightly longer than it is wide, a smooth profile with no dip, a solid chin in depth, chunky whisker pads, a large, puffy red nose leather, rounded nocturnal eyes and proportionate cupped ears, set slightly off to the side.

His pattern and coat are unique.

He has a magnificent horizontal flow to his pattern with no bulls eye or rib bars. His shoulder marbling is intricate and pronounced. His tail is rosetted and his legs are spotted. Both features are desired traits within the breed.

There is chain rosetting down either side of his spine and he displays the rare Whited expression where his underside (tummy) and inner legs are all whited with black spotting.

Blaze exhibits both glitter genes, has thickly outlined two-toned rosetting and a buttery cream background colour.  The clarity, vibrancy and high gloss shine of his tight, short coat display more like a body wrap than fur.

As far as temperament goes, he’s a complete sook for affection and loves spending his time cuddles up to us.

Blaze will be paired with our home bred girls creating our fifth and sixth generation pedigree lines.

Exciting times for 2019 and beyond!

Blaze is Pk-Def and Bengal PRA clear via parentage.

Bengal Cat - Stud - Golden Brown - Rosettes
Bengal Cat - Stud - Golden Brown

More Photos of Blaze can be found on Instagram & Facebook: @bengalcatsaustralia

Afrikatte Shady Daze  |  Shady

About Shady

Shady brings our breeding program a wealth of superb Bengal cat traits and many exceptional international ancestors. At 10 months of age he weighs in at 6.8kg.  He still has another sound year of growth to go!

Shady’s dam reintroduces pedigree lines we worked with back in 2010 to 2015.  We’re excited to once again have the opportunity to work with these pedigree features and traits.

Shady is structurally sound and well balanced, making him a perfect compliment to our female Bengals.

This gentle giant has a short, high gloss, glittered coat with stark clarity for a boy who has Charcoal in his pedigree.  His rosettes are open and he has the high contrasted tri-colouring which our Bengals are distinct for having and producing. He will be paired with our homebred Bengal girls to create the next step in our unique pedigree lines.

Shady is Pk-Def and Bengal PRA clear via parentage.

More Photos of Shady can be found on Instagram & Facebook: @bengalcatsaustralia