Bengal Kitten Owner Testimonials

Owner Review

Lee, you are such an amazing person, and an inspiration. I am in the USA, but I am loving my Samson from Australia every moment. To all you folks blessed enough to live in Australia, look no further for a Bengal. I can attest that they are BEYOND top quality. Sorry I keep bragging, but I cannot get over how amazing he is. I am a breeder, and I have never had a cat like this, aside from the ones I raise. I am just super impressed. It is clear he has been loved from the moment he was born.

Rebecca & Family
Jungle Cat Bengals
Texas USA

Owner Review

We wanted to say thank you for the perfect start in life you gave Stormy, and the patient and excellent advice you have given us before and after Stormy became part of our family.

In addition to this, Lee made us feel involved in our kittens development prior to adoption with regular updates and photographs. Lee also provided a thorough and excellent kitten care pack to help us settle stormy into our home.

We have a beautiful and highly energetic Bengal (Stormy) who has been an absolute pleasure to have as a family member. Stormy is highly energetic, very intelligent, loving and shall I say very confident vocally. Stormy always lets us know what she wants!

We are very happy to recommend Lee as a breeder of these amazing fun and loving Bengals.

Thank you
Jane & Family

Owner Review

I got my beautiful Bengal girl, Neko, in early 2011. When I first visited Ashmiyah Bengals cattery, I was very impressed to see the cats treated as family pets.

Being in the cattery immediately gave me confidence that a kitten from Lee would be loved, healthy and confident. At the point of purchase I never even considered that I might need further support as the kitten grew up – I am so glad that my relationship with Lee didn’t stop the moment I took Neko home.

Lee was always happy to take my calls and answer enquires. She has helped us train Neko through her “teenage years” by helping nip any undesirable behaviours in the bud well and truly before they could develop into bad habits. I couldn’t be happier with the support that Lee has given us over the years. I am delighted to have a member of the Ashmiyah clan as part of our family!”

Irina & Family

Owner Review

From the moment we decided we wanted a Bengal we knew Ashmiyah Bengals was the breeder for us.

Lee and Ian put a lot of love and effort into their breeding program and it shows in the kittens they produce. Ashmiyah Bengals have a wonderful set up and all the kittens are well loved and made a part of their home until the time comes when your kitten will come home with you.

We welcomed Eris into our home in February 2015 and have recently adopted Nyxi to enjoy her retirement with us. If you are looking for a breeder that will love your babies as much as you do, Ashmiyah Bengals is the breeder for you.

Anysa & Family

Owner Review

Hi Lee,

Peter and I would just like to thank you for the most perfect little kitten – Raj .

Whatever you are doing – just keep doing it – this little joy arrived to join us at his “forever” home and settled straight in.

We were not expecting him to be so relaxed and chilled, he jumped out of his travel crate with a spring in his step and confidence to roam around and start exploring. Within minutes he was engaging with us – we could tell he was used to be around “humans”. We got lots of snuggles and cuddles from our very happy new kitten. He was at ease from the get go.

From the information you provided to us, we were able to help Raj with his transition, by using the food, litter and trays that he was already used to using, this made our job so much easier, and Raj’s first night stress free.

He used his little trays, ate and drank, played, pounced, jumped, stalked, cuddled and snuggled and was then more than happy to go off to bed, next morning he was bright as a button and ready for the day, ticking all the boxes on the “perfect Kitten” list.

On Raj’s first visit to the Vet for his check-up – just 2 days after he arrived – he is nothing less than the new “pin-up” boy, The Vet spoke very highly of his condition, and was amazed at his temperament, as Raj proceeded to display his inquisitive nature by reorganising her desk, and table, and shelves, all with a smile on his face. In no time at all, the entire staff was fussing over him, taking photos and videos for the Vet’s website and Facebook page – Raj just lapped it all up – he is certainly a show off and loved all the attention but the best thing was, that all during the examination, he was relaxed and comfortable, which the Vet remarked – was a credit to the breeder, by producing a kitten that was so well socialised. The vet’s final comment was “he is absolutely stunning” and they are looking forward to be involved with Raj’s ongoing care.

We did a lot of research before deciding to purchase a Bengal, and our decision to go with Bengal Cats Australia was absolutely the right one, your dedication to what you do is outstanding, and we know this because of the results seen in the quality of our kitten, now all we have to do is resist the urge to get another one…

We will talk soon, because we now feel so much a part of your Bengal family,

Peter and Julie Momsen

Owner Review

Lee’s cats truly grow up in the house as part of the family and the kittens are very well socialised and are used to a family life. All cats are very well cared for and have the best of everything and have nothing to want for! Lee goes to a lot of trouble to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be, (ably supported, indulged and spoilt by her husband).

Lee also supplies a wealth of important and relevant information, as well as little hints. Very worthwhile reading and taking notice.

We were kept up to date throughout the whole process from initial contact through to pick-up. Loads of pictures and feedback.

Our little boy from Ashmiyah Bengals came into our household happy, healthy full of a wild and free spirit. He has added some serious spark to our lives. Our other cats, (who are almost seniors) have become re-invigorated and now challenge him for ‘Da Bird’, a must have toy. Bengals are a truly inquisitive, intuitive and acrobatic creature, we would not be without ours.

We can only highly recommend Ashmiyah Bengals and the fur-babies that you will inevitably take home.

Vee & Family