Booking a Bengal kitten

Bringing a Bengal kitten in to your home is a huge life choice.  Bengals are energetic cats and they thrive in environments where they are the centre of attention.  They like to follow their owners around and help with whatever task you are doing.

The more time, training and love you put into your relationship with your Bengal, the more you’ll experience the unique and adoring bonds they have with their owners.

You can secure an available kitten by paying a $500.00 non-refundable retainer on kittens younger than 1o weeks of age. Or the full kitten fee if the kitten is over 10 weeks of age.

Please understand we do not hold kittens without a retainer.

Bengal Kitten Prices

Our Bengal kitten prices begin at $1500.00

Individual kitten prices are set once our kittens have been evaluated. (Usually around 3 to 4, or 8 to 10 weeks of age)

The price of our kittens reflects a number of assessments: kitten pattern, body structure, coat texture, clarity, contrast, coat vibrancy, whited, non-domestic gait,  ect.

Individual kitten prices will be posted with our kitten write-up or once they’ve been evaluated.

Please note we only breed the brown colour variant of the Bengal breed.

Our Bengal Kitten Care Package

Our kitten care package is extensive and an outline of it can be found on our Bengal Kittens For Sale Page.

Be sure to follow the link and have a good read of what we offer with our kittens.  Each item on the list ensures the health, safety and well being of your kitten!


Our Bengal Kitten Quality

Bengal cats come in a variety of colours, body types and pattern styles.

We have specialised in breeding Brown spotted/rosetted Bengals for over a decade.  Our love of breeding is for the breeds advancement and by concentrating all of our efforts on the browns, we have succeeded to create some of Australia’s finest Bengals.

Quality to us is a combination of kitten health and temperament, having the correct body structure for the breed, exceptional patterning and lush, silky coat textures.

Each Bengal kitten is individually assessed from birth via the TICA Bengal breed Standard and graded for quality.