Pedigree Bengal Kitten Enquiries

Please read this page thoroughly before filling out an an enquiry form

Bengal Pet & Show Neuter Enquirie Form
Registered Bengal Breeder Enquiry Form

Booking a Bengal kitten

Bringing a Bengal kitten in to your home is a huge life choice.  Bengals are energetic cats and they thrive in environments where they are the centre of attention.  They like to follow their owners around and help with whatever task you are doing.

The more time, training and love you put into your relationship with your Bengal, the more you’ll experience the unique and adoring bonds they have with their owners.

To join our waiting list, you are required to be a successful applicant who has undergone a phone interview and filled out all the necessary paperwork.

Bengal Kitten Waiting List

1: The current waiting list time frame is: 3 to 6 months.

2: Available kittens will be offered to successful applicants who have pre-paid a non-refundable service fee of $200.00.

3: This ensures you are offered available kittens before they are publically advertised.

4: Once you decide to secure a kitten you will be required to place a non-refundable securing fee of $300.00.  This fee ensures the kitten you choose is yours and will not be sold to other interested parties.

Bengal Kitten pet prices begin at $1800.00


Kittens which are not pre-booked via  our waiting list are advertised to the public.  You can secure one of these kittens by paying a $500.00 non-refundable deposit on kittens younger than 1o weeks of age. Or the full kitten fee if the kitten is over 10 weeks of age.

Please understand we do not hold kittens without a deposit.

Our Bengal Kitten Care Package

Our Bengal kittens leave our home with the following:

All pet kittens and Show Neuters are desexed

2 year Genetic Health Guarantee

Desex certificate

All age appropriate Vaccinations are carried out via a certified vet

Vaccination Card & Certificate

Microchip ID Number + Full transfer into new owners name prior to departure

Fully documented & Certified Vet Health Check. Signed & Dated.

Up to date Worming Card

Full Pedigree Registration with FASA – New owners have free choice in naming their Bengal

Nail Clipped

Settling, Diet & Care Guide

6 weeks New Pet Insurance Cover

Interstate & International flights include an Airline approved PP-20 flight crate, flight bedding & soft toys

Transitioning help and Bengal care 24/7!

We air freight our kittens to all destinations of Australia:

Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Darwin | Tasmania