Bengal Kitten Applicants

They will re-open in February 2018

Deciding to purchase a Bengal kitten is a huge step.  I trust you have researched the breed standard, their health & taken in the energy levels of the Bengal to ensure a kitten will suit your lifestyle.  When our kittens are homed it’s with the agreeance they’ll be loved members for their lifetime. Please understand we are strict about our kittens being indoors only.  An outdoor enclosure and harness/lead walks are welcomed!

How To book your bengal kitten

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    Wait Until our kitten booking list is opened

    We will have kittens available to join their new homes in March of 2018. Our bookings for these kittens will begin around the middle of February 2018. (after full quality evaluation) We will announce on our website homepage and facebook page when our booking list will open.

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    Complete a kitten application online

    Once our booking list is open, please fill out an online Kitten Application. This allows us to know more about you and the lifestyle you can provide one of our kittens. From here we will phone you to discuss suitability and availability.

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    Once a Kitten is offered, you are required to pay a securing fee

    We require a $500.00 N/R securing fee for all neuters. This is applied towards the final Kitten price. This is due after application approval via a phone interview or a visit.

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    Phone us if you have more questions

    Contact Lee: 0435 942 244

Pet, Show or Breeder?

We run 3 lists. Please choose the application which suits your ideals the best. And don’t forget to give us a call if you would like more information.
Do note current wait times for a kittens are between 3 to 12 months

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    Pet Kitten

    Our pet kittens are for indoor homes. These high quality kittens are perfect pets.

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    Show Neuter

    Show Neuters are for Cat Show enthusiasts & pet homes. These kittens do not have to be Shown, but their paperwork will reflect their quality.

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    Breeder | Entire kittens

    These enquiries will only be answered if you are a legitimate, registered breeder. Preferably with Bengal breeding experience.

They will re-open in FEBRUARY 2018
Pet Kitten Application | Show Neuter Application

Bengal Kitten prices begin at $1800.00

Registered Breeder Cat Application

Pet Quality Example


Show Neuter Quality Example


Breeder/Show Quality


Our Bengal Kitten Care Package

All Ashmiyah kittens leave our home with the following:
  • All pet kittens and Show Neuters are desexed
  • Desex certificate
  • All age appropriate Vaccinations are carried out via a certified vet
  • Vaccination Card & Certificate
  • Microchip ID Number + Full transfer into new owners name prior to departure
  • Fully documented & Certified Vet Health Check. Signed & Dated.
  • Up to date Worming Card
  • Full Pedigree Registration with FASA – New owners have free choice in naming their Bengal
  • Nail Clipped
  • Settling, Diet & Care Guide
  • 6 weeks New Pet Insurance Cover
  • Interstate & International flights include an Airline approved PP-20 flight crate, flight bedding & soft toys

Transitioning help and Bengal care 24/7!

We air freight our kittens to all destinations of Australia:

Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Darwin | Tasmania