Introducing our special boy we have spent the last few months evaluating for our breeding program.

We’ve received back from the States our unofficial DNA tests on this boy and he carries the Marble pattern gene.

Whilst this gene doesn’t change him as a pet, it does cause many problems in a breeding program which is as specific as ours. (We concentrate all of our efforts on the Spotted/Rosetted pattern)

When a Marble carrying stud is introduced in to a breeding program an excessively high number of their off spring inherit the gene.  This for us would hinder the development of our program with breeding forward with future off spring.


We have reduced this little guys price as he has just turned 15 weeks of age.

He is priced at $2000.00

We’d dearly love to see him join his new pet homes soon. For more information or to express your interest in this little guy, please give us a call or drop us an email.


Meet Spot. (our nickname for this gorgeous boy.)  Just like his brother, he can not get enough love, pats, cuddles or attention from us.  He craves pats and cuddle and will be a very cuddly Bengal.

His vet work is complete and he has passed his vet health check with 100%

This boy has a more traditional pattern of Arrowhead Rosetting.  They are tri-coloured and as he grows, so will his markings.