Your kitten in human years

Your Bengal Cat in Human Years

This fantastic guide produced by Cat Care For Life will help you better understand your Bengal kitten or cats needs.

The age groups have been divided as each age group requires different care levels.

Kittens can be quite needy while senior’s need extra attention to keep them in peak condition.

Kitten Age | Birth – 6 months

Your Bengal kitten has high needs during this age group. Lets break down the first 3 months of life which is spent with me.

0 – 1 month

What happens to a kitten of this age?

  • they train their eyesight
  • attune their hearing
  • Hold up their own heads
  • take their first steps
  • begin to eat & drink independently
  • socialize with their siblings, humans and mum puss
  • some begin litterbox training

1 month – 2 months of age

  • Life gets fun!
  • they can competently walk and run
  • they can eat & drink by themselves
  • litterbox training is in full swing
  • they become adventurous and begin to explore
  • Toys and play become their focus
  • Socialization is paramount during this age
  • they learn social etiquette with their mum, siblings and other animals

2 months – 3 months of age

There’s no stopping a Bengal kitten at this age!  They are confident, playful and demanding all rolled into one!

This is the age where they hone in all they have previously learned.

  • They learn to climb and jump.
  • Food at this age needs to be on an open platter.  Eat!  They are ravenous with all the growing they are doing!
  • Games, toys, cuddles, sound sleeps and over energetic awake times all happen with this age group
  • This is also a crucial time to nurture their socialization skills in preparation for them to join their new homes.

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