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Bengal cat Breeders

Past and Present

As a Bengal cat breeder I am responsible to do the very best by the breed. I take that responsibility seriously.  At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats no short cuts occour in our program.  Instead we dedicate ourselves to the health, temperament and quality of the breed.

The breeding program of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Our breeding program is focused on producing healthy kittens with fun-loving personalities. They need to be confident and well-adjusted members of their new owners homes.

To do this our breeding Studs and Queens must all meet our high standards.  We only work with cats who display sound health genetics, superb temperaments, exceptional structure and outstanding coats and patterns.

Quality in our Cattery is never compromised.

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats was foundered in 2009.  We have built a legacy of breeding trust over that time.

Health Tested Breeding Cats

All Bengal cat breeders should have conducted the following genetic health tests on all of their breeding cats.  In our opinion there are no excuses for these tests to not be done prior to breeding a Bengal cat. The outcome of breeding with genetically comprimised cats is unacceptable.

Genetic Test

Bengal PRA N/N

No carrier cats have ever been used in our breeding program.

Genetic Test

PK-Deficiency N/N

No carrier cats have ever been used in our breeding program.

Health Test


No positive cats have ever been used in our breeding program.

Bengal Stud Cats


Bengal cat rolling on grass

Bengal Queen Cats


Bengal cat gold glitter

Bengal Cat Breeder History

The Bengal cat breed originated from the pairing of a domestic cat to an Asian Leopard Cat and other small forest dwelling felines.  The goal of the founder Bengal cat breeders was to save the small forest cats from being hunted for their beautiful furs.  In the mid 1980s the Bengal cat became an accepted registered cat breed with The International Cat Association.  This accepted registration introduced the Bengal cat to the public and the Bengal quickly became a very popular cat to own.

Jean Sudgen Mill, the founder of Millwood Bengals worked extensively on creating the Bengal breed.  She advocated endlessly to see the breed gain recognition.  Jean did not want to see the Bengal remain as a hybrid, instead she tirelessly worked on moving the breed forward by breeding down generation after generation to create a fully domesticated cat with the wild features we all love and adore.

One very instrumental cat within the Bengal breed is Millwood Tory of Delhi.  Tory was added to the Millwood breeding program in the 80s. Jean imported the special domestic street cat from India to her home in California.  Tory was an exceptional cat. His coat boasted a rich colour tone and he also had a rare glitter gene which made many of his hairs translucent (light reflective).  This glitter gene passed down from Tory is highly sort after within the Bengal breed.

In today’s world of Bengal cats, conscientious breeders continue to breed forward with the aim of perfecting the traits, features and health of the breed we’ve all grown to worship.

How the Bristol Cat breed helped the Bengal Cat breed


The Bristol cat breed is rarely spoken of or mentioned when talking about the history of the Bengal. I’d say the Bristol is the quiet achiever of the Bengal cat breed.

The Bristol cat was a hybrid which was being developed in Texas in the mid 1980s. It was thought to be of Margay or Ocelot heritage. The breed was registered with The International Cat Association but due to infertility the breed did not expand.

In the early 1990s two female Bristol cats were placed into breeding programs with trusted Bengal cat breeders. One was placed with Gogees Bengals (Gene Ducote who worked closely with Jean Mills). Sadly, this Bristol was infertile.  The other Bristol female named Sugarfoot was placed with Karen Austin of Belltown. Sugarfoot of Belltown went on to produce several litters of Bengal x Bristol cats. One such kitten was placed within the Gogees breeding program and was carried forward.

The Bengal cats carrying Bristol bloodlines were known to have lovely small ears, very robust type and a rosetted coat pattern.  These very special cats introduced genetic diversity and certainly helped to lock in some extra traits and features seen in many of today’s Bengal cats.

More extensive information about the Bristol Cat can be found at: Lost Breeds Bristol Cat

Through the unrelenting efforts of the Bengal cat breeders mentioned above we now have a spectacular, refined breed. It’s important for all Bengal breeders to be diligent in ensuring the breed progresses for many generations to come. 

About The Bengal Cat

For many, many years now the Bengal cat has been bred to the Bengal cat.  This makes the breed a stand alone domestic cat.

In Australia it is illegal to own or import any Bengal cat which is less than 5 generations removed from the Asian Leopard cat.

There’s some fantastic information about the Bengals in this video.