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The Studs and Queens of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

It is crucial for all Bengal cat breeders to work with the best quality breeding cats to maintain and improve the breed’s overall standard. By selecting cats with outstanding traits such as health, temperament, and conformation, breeders can ensure the production of kittens that exemplify the breed’s unique characteristics. This preserves the breed for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Ashmiyah Rise N Shine

This exceptional girl is fondly known as Nahni which means “Beautiful in Hawaiian”.

Nahni’s pedigree certainly sets her apart. Both of her parents are international imports with outstanding Bengal cats in the family tree. 

At Ashmiyah Bengal cats we’ve worked tirelessly to maintain and upkeep genetic diversity within our program.

Not only does Nahni produce warm, golden Brown kittens, but she also has the recessive Snow Bengal genes and can produce Snow Bengal kittens. 

Nahni’s temperament is 2nd to none.  If you are looking for a lap-loving, smoochy confident kitten, she certainly passes on her traits to her Bengal kittens.

With her stunning green eyes and beautiful red/gold colour tones, her kittens are highly prized and often pre-booked before birth. 

Cairngorm Bonnie Lass

Meet Bonnie, an exquisite Bengal cat who holds the esteemed title of a breeding queen, boasting an illustrious pedigree.

Her captivating appearance and amiable disposition make her a true standout in the feline world. With her impressive lineage, Bonnie has a unique talent to give birth to a diverse range of Bengal kittens, showcasing striking Brown, Lynx, Mink, and Charcoal patterns.

Beyond her good looks and sweet personality, Bonnie also surprises everyone with her cheeky nature, adding a delightful touch of playfulness to her character.

Her exceptional genetic heritage and gentle yet mischievous demeanor make her the perfect Mamma for those looking for a kitten that’s got a touch of cheek to keep you on your toes.

Ashmiyah Shez A Wildling

Lala is a Brown rosetted Bengal breeding queen. She possesses a multitude of exceptional qualities that make her a prized asset in our breeding program.

Her coat is adorned with stunning rosettes, displaying a fantastic wild and vibrant coloration that catches the eye. With a muscular physique and graceful movements, Lala embodies the breed’s wild essence, while her affectionate and gentle nature endears her to all who meet her.

As a queen, Lala will no doubt contribute to the legacy of top-quality Bengal kittens in the Ashmiyah program.

Lala’s sweet and endearing personality, coupled with her intelligence and quick learning abilities, make her a delight to have. Her offspring will not only inherit her physical beauty but also her exceptional temperament.

Lala carries the Snow gene and can produce Brown and Snow Bengal kittens.

Ashmiyah Wild Styles

Styles is a warm golden brown Bengal breeding queen.  She exudes an irresistible charm with her radiant coat that gleams in shades of gold.

Her distinctive feature lies in her enchanting lighted underside, which adds a captivating dimension to her appearance.

This unique and rare trait beautifully complements her already mesmerizing rosettes, making Styles a true standout among Bengal cats.

Alongside her striking physical attributes, Styles possesses a gentle and nurturing nature, ensuring that her kittens inherit both her exquisite beauty and her chatty temperament.

Styles’ lighted underside is a testament to the our careful selection and dedication to producing Bengal cats that not only meet the breed’s standard but also possess that extra touch of enchantment, making her an invaluable asset to our breeding program.

Bengal Cat-Ashmiyah Wild Styles
Bengal kitten

Ashmiyah Summer Skies

We called her Summer Skies because her colouring is like watching a brilliant sunrise or being bathed in a mesmerizing sunset. She really does have a colour that warms the soul.

Skies is a rare firey coloured tone and she has an even rarer Whited underside.  This Whited underside has been passed down for a number of generations now within her pedigree.  We have worked meticulously to try and lock the Whited genetics into our pedigree lines.

Ashmiyah Summer Skies is multiple generations of our own breeding cats. She is all the way down from our original imports and breeding cats.  That means there are over 15 years of Ashmiyah-bred Bengals behind her.

This exquisite girl passes her sweet, cheeky temperament down to her kittens which are highly sort after and, are often pre-booked before birth as new Bengal parents do not want to miss out on what she produces.

Bengal Cat-Ashmiyah Wild Styles
Bengal kitten

Praslin Loki of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats (NL IMPORT) – Male Stud

Loki’s importation from the Netherlands demonstrates our breeding commitment to seeking out top-quality Bengals and expanding our breeding program’s diversity and quality.

His remarkable attributes, from his captivating red-toned, golden brown coat to his mesmerizing green eyes, make Loki a superb sire capable of producing offspring that inherit his exceptional qualities that continue to elevate the breed.

With his robust physique, confident demeanor, and affectionate nature, Loki embodies the ideal combination of wild grace and gentle companionship, making him a cherished companion and an invaluable asset to breeders dedicated to producing exceptional Bengal kittens.

Loki’s rosettes are richly contrasted against his golden brown coat and are a testament to his lineage and the meticulous breeding efforts that have gone into producing such exquisite markings.

Bengal Cat-Ashmiyah Wild Styles
Bengal kitten
Praslin Loki of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Sancheita Sakari Spirit
Silver Seal Mink Bengal Cat – Male

With the ability to produce Lynx, Mink, and Sepia kittens, along with variations of Brown and Silver, Sakari offers a wide range of desirable coat colors and patterns for us as breeders to work with.

This versatility allows our breeding program to meet the preferences of cat enthusiasts seeking different Bengal colorations.

Sakari’s exceptional genetic repertoire, combined with his strong physique and gentle temperament, makes him an invaluable contributor to producing offspring that embody the breed’s distinct characteristics while introducing desirable variations to the Bengal population.

Snow Bengal cats captivate pet owners with their breathtakingly beautiful coats, reminiscent of a winter wonderland.

The contrast between their striking aqua, blue or green eyes and their pure white or ivory fur makes Snow Bengals an irresistible choice for those seeking a unique and captivating feline companion.

Bengal Cat-Ashmiyah Wild Styles
Bengal kitten
Praslin Loki of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats


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