Ashmiyah Bengal Cats-Adelaide-SA

Ashmiyah Bengal Queens

Ashmiyah Wild Styles

Styles is a little stunner!  Her personality is super endearing with a sound dose of lovable naughtiness.  She has a juvenile whited underside, large, prominent two-toned rosettes and great horizontal flow to her pattern.

Genetic Results: N/N = Negative

Bengal PRA – N/N

Bengal Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency – N/N

Coat Colour: Apb/A2, E/E, B/B, C/C, D/d

Colour Combinations

Brown carrying Dilute (Blue) with 1 copy of ALC Agouti gene and 1 copy of the rarer A2 ALC Agouti gene where pattern displays from ALC Taro & ALC Kabuki.

*ALC = Asian Leopard Cat 

A2 is an alternative Agouti variant found in Bengal and Savannah cats. The phenotypic effect of A2 has not been established.

Bengal cat portrait
Brown Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat stalking pose
Bengal kitten
warm brown bengal cat
Bengal kitten Apb/A2

Ashmiyah Charlie’s Angel

Charlie is our resident sweetheart.  We call her a velcro cat because she can’t be in the same room as anyone without touching them.

Genetic Results: N/N = Negative 

Bengal PRA – N/N *via parentage*

Bengal Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency – N/N *via parentage*

Brown Bengal Cat with Rosettes
Bengal cat laying down
Brown Bengal Cat Portrait
Bengal cat with green eyes
Bengal Cat Breeding Queen
Brown Spotted Bengal cat

Ashmiyah Strike A Pose

My jungle girl. Stryker is such a fine match to the early generation cats in her pedigree. She has a wild pattern, beautiful buttery coloured background and rosetting all the way down her thick tail.

Genetic Results: N/N = Negative

Bengal PRA – N/N

Bengal Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency – N/N

Brown Bengal Cat with Rosettes
Bengal cat with pattern coat
Bengal Cat with green eyes
Ashmiyah Bengal cat
Bengal cat pattern
Bengal cat whited underside

Ashmiyah Indigo

Indigo is my rare Blue bombshell. She turns heads everywhere with her impressive, soft colour. Blue Bengal cats of this caliber are scarce. With the Blue colour gene being recessive, Indigo will only produce Blue kittens if she is mated to a male Bengal which carries the Dilute genetics.

Genetic Results: N/N = Negative

Bengal PRA – N/N

Bengal Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency – N/N

Blue Bengal Cat
Blue Bengal cat sitting
Blue Bengal Cat Female
Bengal cat profile
Blue Bengal Cat and feather toy

About Our Bengal Queens

Our Bengal Queens have excellent structure, head types, luxurious coloration and striking patterns.

Each has been bred by us at Bengal Cats Australia. We’ve helped each of our queens into the world and watched them take their first breaths. They are all 4 to 5 generations of our own breeding.

Our Bengal queens have been fully DNA health tested for all known genetic issues within the Bengal cat breed, having clear/negative results.

Each queen offers our breeding program genetic diversity and world class quality.

Our Bengal queens are all registered breeding cats with certified pedigree papers.