Ashmiyah Bengal Cats-Adelaide-SA

Bengal Kitten FAQ

Bengal kitten Countdown Timer

How does your timer work?

The Ashmiyah Bengal kitten countdown timer is set to the day our up-coming kittens for sale turn 10 weeks of age.

This is the age we add our new kittens for sale to our website.

Why don't you sell your kittens at a younger age?

A kittens first 10 weeks is a crazy busy time for both them and me.

At 10 weeks of age we have finished evaluating our kittens.

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats evaluation includes:

  • coat
  • pattern
  • body structure
  • head type
  • Bengal cat personality


Do you ever offer a Bengal kitten for sale without using the timer?

Yes we do!

It pays to check our website often for a rare beauty!

A rare beauty is a kitten we have been evaluating for our breeding program.

These kittens are normally aged between 12 to 24 weeks of age.

They are the best of the best in our Bengal cat world!

Often, we will run on a kitten to see the next few stages of their body structure development.  Ashmiyah Bengal Cats only ever run on kittens which far exceed our expectations.

Buying A Bengal Kitten

Can I join a Bengal kitten waiting list?

Sorry, we DO NOT maintain a waiting list.  

Please use our countdown timer on our kitten page & social media to stay updated.

At what age can I place a deposit on a Bengal kitten?

Kittens deposits are accepted only once our kittens turn 10 weeks of age.

At what age can I take my Bengal kitten home?

Kittens are ready to leave my care between 12-14 weeks of age.

Bengal kitten Prices

How much does a Bengal kitten cost?

Each individual kitten is evaluated at 10 weeks of age and then priced accordingly.

Bengal kitten pet prices: POA

Bengal Show Cat prices: POA

All prices are in AUD

How much is the required deposit?

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats require a deposit when a kitten is booked.

The total deposit requred is half of the final kitten price.

The final kitten price is decided after the kitten has been evaluated at 10 weeks of age.

When is the final payment due?


All Bengal kittens must be paid for in full 7 days prior to their flight.


Payment can be made 5 days prior to kitten pick-up or in person on the day of pick-up.

How are your Bengal kittens raised?

Are your kittens raised in the home or outside in cages?

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats raise all kittens within our home.  We do the hard yards to prepare them for a seamless transition into your home.

Our kittens are NEVER caged.

What diet do you feed your Bengal kittens?

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats feed quality kitten foods.  Royal Canin Baby Cat tins (packed full of nutrition) & Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat Biscuits.

We always feed a daily pro-biotic and have fresh drinking water available via a pet fountain.

What are the stages of the first 12 weeks of a Bengal kittens life?

0-3 weeks: Kittens stay close to mum. They really only nurse and sleep at this age.

4-6 weeks: Kittens learn how to sit up and take their first steps.

6 weeks: They are learning to play and run.  They are also becoming more adventurous and start exploring further away from mum. Litter Box training and weaning also begin during this time.

8 weeks: They are gaining confidence now and spend more time away from mum.  They are extremely social now and enjoy spending their time with us humans.

10 weeks: Bengal kittens are very confident at this age.  Most will have their vet work completed at this time.  This means they have their 1st car ride.

12 weeks:  Ashmiyah Bengal kittens have been litter box trained, weaned and vet certified as ready to join their new family.  

What does a Bengal kitten need?

A quality feline vet

When you own a Bengal cat or any other pet, it is vital you have a quality Veterinarian to care for them over their lifetime.

What to look for in a Vet

  • Feline friendly
  • Competent at handling a Bengal
  • Emergency after-hours services

Pet Insurance

This is one of your most vital purchases to make.

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats ensure all kittens leave our care with a 6 week Insurance Policy in place.

Emergency vet care is costly and Bengal cats are unpredictable.  It does not take much for an emergency visit to be a few thousand dollars.

A lifetime insurance policy on your Bengal cat will offer peace of mind and all the help you need, right when you need it the most.

The essentials

  • Food and water bowls. Ceramic ones are good
  • A soft bed. Hooded beds like caves are favourites
  • A Da’Bird cat toy
  • small toy mice and rattle balls
  • Royal Canin Kitten Biscuits
  • Wet food. We will let you know which ones your kitten is used of eating before they join you.
  • A harness and Lead if you plan to take your Bengal kitten for walks.  We suggest either the smallest kitten ones or one suitable for guinea pigs/small rabbits.
  • Cat Nail Clippers! Please buy a quality pair as your should clip your kittens claws every 1-2 weeks.

Poor quality nail clippers can cause stress to your Bengal kitten which can then make them difficult to clip in the future.