Ashmiyah Bengal Cats-Adelaide-SA

Retired Bengal Cats

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Page updated: 5th May 2020

On occasions Ashmiyah Bengal Cats retire breeding queens or stud cats.  These exceptional Bengal cats are then offered to Pet and Show Cat Homes for a small fee.

These adults have completed their vet work and have been given time for their hormones to return to a pet level. This makes their transition to a new home far easier for new owners.

The adoption fee for retired Bengal Cats include:

  • Full vaccination

  • Full worming regime

  • Microchip transfer into new owners name

  • Full 4 generation Pedigree papers transferred into new owners name

  • Spay/Neuter certificate

Skip The Bengal Kitten Stage

Many people prefer to skip the kitten stage of raising a Bengal.  Instead they will look for an adult Bengal cat to join their home.

Ashmiyah Bengal cats have all been raised within our home. They are comfortable and perfectly content to hang out on the bed or lounge.  Our cats are affectionate and thrive on attention.  They are dog and child friendly.

We generally have a preference for our retired Bengals to join homes which are cat free.  This way there is no upset to any existing cat or any competition for attention.