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Bengal Kitten Application Form

Wait! Before you fill out your application form, please read our instructions carefully!

What happens when my application has been processed?

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats will contact successful applicants for a phone interview.

Why do you require so much information?

At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats we are thorough with our process.  The information you provide helps us determine if you are a good fit for one of our Bengal kittens. The information is also used to process the kittens necessary paperwork. 

I want a kitten from your current litter but need you to keep the kitten for longer as I’m not ready?

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats does not have kitten boarding facilities. Only fill out an application form if you’re ready for a kitten.

When will my kitten be ready?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer.  Most kittens are ready between 12 to 14 weeks of age and we like to see them join their new owners as soon as they are ready to fly the Ashmiyah nest.

Filling out the application.

Please read and fill out each part of the application carefully.  Any application with missing information will not be processed. The information you provide on your application is carefully assessed by Ashmiyah Bengal Cats. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to gain a feel for your suitability to our kittens.


Bengal Kitten Application Form

Kitten Application
This contact person will be your emergency contact person on your kittens microchip registration
If you rent your home landlord or land agent pet approval will be required by us prior to booking your kitten.
What is Your Age Group? *
Average weekly hours away from your kitten? *
Preferred kitten gender *
If you are a 1st time kitten/cat owner what makes you feel you are ready for a Bengal kitten?
Please describe the severity.
Bengal kittens/cats have energy levels and behavioral requirements that are more akin to a puppy/dog. It is important you understand a vast majority of Bengal cats are not independent like other cat breeds.
Bengal kittens and cats require a highly nutritious diet. The average cost to feed your Bengal is around $50.00 per week. *
We raise our kittens and cats on Royal Canin cat food. Both tinned and dry.
Bengal kittens leave the breeders care with a 6 week new owner Insurance Policy. *
In the event of needing to re-home your kitten/cat during its lifetime do you assume full responsibility? *
In the event of re-homing you must transfer your kitten/cats microchip number into the new owners name. This is your legal obligation.
I understand my kitten will have a 1 year hereditary genetic and congenital health guarantee. *
I am aware COVID-19 may effect kitten flight options. *
How did you find Ashmiyah Bengal Cats? *

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