Retired Bengal Cats – Looking For Love

We currently have 1 Brown Rosetted female available for adoption.

She is 4 years old and would suit a semi active home with kids or a retiree with plenty of time to entertain her.

She’d be fabulous with a small dog as company, but would prefer to be the only cat in the home.  She is 100% an indoor only girl.

Her vaccination is up to date. and she’s DNA clear for Pk-Def and Bengal PRA.

There is a small rehoming fee that can be disscussed.

She’s a great girl with no behavioural issues. The reason for her family rehoming her is the new baby to the family is displaying signs of a cat allergy. 🙁

Adopting a retired adult Bengal cat brings a special kind of joy to any home. These beautiful cats, with their stunning coat patterns and striking features, have matured past the wild kitten phase, making them perfect companions for those seeking a more relaxed and affectionate pet. A mature Bengal cat is often more settled, showcasing their true personality and forming deep, loving bonds with their new family. Their playful spirit remains, but it’s balanced with a calm demeanor, making them easier to integrate into a household. By welcoming a retired Bengal, you’re not just gaining a pet; you’re adding a loving, loyal friend who’s ready to share their unique charm and endless affection.

Why adopt a Retired Bengal?

Adopting a retired adult Bengal cat from Ashmiyah Bengal Cats can be the perfect solution for many people! These Bengal girls and boys have done a huge service to the breed and our program. They are the pride of our cattery and will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Often, at retirement, they are ready to live a quiet life away from our multicat household where life for them is forever changing.


While we wish we could keep all of our Bengals forever, it is just not feasible for us or fair on them. Bengals thrive in environments where they can receive ample individual attention and a stable routine, something that’s difficult to provide in a cattery environment where new kittens and breeding activities continuously shift the dynamics.


Adopting a retired adult Bengal brings a special kind of joy and comfort to any home. These cats have matured past the wild kitten phase, which can be a relief for many potential cat owners who prefer a more settled and calm pet. A mature Bengal cat is often more relaxed, allowing their true personality to shine through. They are less likely to engage in the hyperactive antics typical of younger kittens, making them ideal for families, seniors, or anyone seeking a more tranquil companion.

At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we ensure that any retired adult Bengals are in excellent health and well-adjusted before they are made available for adoption. We take great care in finding the right homes for our retired cats, often seeking cat-free households to ensure a competition-free integration. However, with the right introductions, some retired Bengals can settle in beautifully with existing pets, adding even more joy to a multi-pet household.

Our retired Bengals are posted on this page and across our social media platforms, making it easy for prospective adopters to find their perfect match. We provide detailed information about each cat, including their temperament, health status, and any specific needs they may have. This transparency helps potential adopters make informed decisions and ensures a good fit for both the cat and the family.

When you consider a retired Bengal from us you know you are getting a special Bengal who has ticked all our boxes for being an incredible example of the breed.  These retirees are our hand-picked imported Bengals from overseas and the quality examples we have personally bred and retained for our program.

Retirees don’t come better than these superior Bengals.

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