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What To Look For In A Bengal Cat Breeder

Finding the right breeder for you can be a difficult task.  I’ve put together a small checklist to help you prioritize what should be the most important questions to ask as you search.


1.  Ask which Cat Council the breeder is registered with. You can then contact the Cat Council and check the breeder is registered with them.

2.  Ask breeders what health tests they have conducted. Bengal-PRA, PK-Deficiency,  FeLV & FIV are a few simple DNA tests all Bengal breeders claiming to be ethical should have tested their breeding cats for.

3.  Ask the how they raise their kittens. No two breeders are the same and all breeders will raise their kittens differently.

4.  Are they in-home raised underfoot? Raised outdoors in an enclosure? Or raised in specialty-built cages? (kitten and cattery photos will help answer these questions) Pay attention to the environment around the kitten in the photos you are viewing. Is the area clean? Can you see a soiled litter tray? Are there toys for enrichment? Fresh drinking water?

5.  Ask the breeder what they are feeding their kittens.  Some feed commercial dry and wet foods others feed balanced raw diets. Ask yourself if the diet is going to be easy for you to continue feeding or if you will have difficulties sourcing the same food.  Kittens often get upset tummies when their food is changed.

6.  Check what cat litter the kittens are using.  Changing cat litter on a kitten can break exceptional litter training. Not all litter brands can be bought at the supermarket or pet store.

7.  Ask what veterinary care and paperwork will accompany the kitten. At a minimum Bengal kittens should be desexed before leaving the cat breeders’ care.  Legally they will have a registered microchip and 2, F3, or F4 vaccinations.

8.  Does the breeder activate an insurance policy for the kitten before it leaves their care?

9.  Is there a contract of sale with a health guarantee? If so, ask what is covered within their guarantee.

10.  Think hard about the type of Bengal cat breeder you wish to support. Are they a breeder who will support you back if something isn’t quite right with your kitten? Are they good at communicating with you?

11.  Do the kittens and breeding cats of the breeder look healthy and happy?

12.  Why are they breeding Bengal cats? How long have they been breeding and are they dividing their time by breeding other dog or cat breeds?

13.  How often are they home with the kittens? The first 12 weeks of a kittens’ life are extremely influential. Some breeders work from home, some do not and some are fully retired.

14.  Does the breeder have a buyer screening process? Are they interested in your lifestyle and the environment you have for a kitten to join?

Don’t get caught up in the emotions of buying a Bengal kitten. A good Bengal breeder will want you to share a lot of information with them. Then, in turn, they will check and double-check that you understand the breed and the requirements of the breed before they commit to you having a kitten.

If they are not trying to do this… There’s only one thing for you to do… RUN… Seriously! RUN. 🙂

A breeder should want to spend time educating you on the Bengal breed and what a kitten (their kitten) needs in order to thrive once it joins you!

Don’t settle for just any cat breeder because they can offer you a kitten, take your time and find the right one!  

A kitten is a 10 to 16 year investment of your heart and soul!

As a final note; If you are looking to buy a Bengal kitten and you do a Google search, you will find an exuberant amount of paid Ads for websites that are offering kittens for sale.  Generally, they are offering multiple different breeds. Read the website text carefully for grammar errors and be aware these are often superb-looking scam websites selling kittens from photos they have stolen off the internet.

The combination of breeds they claim to have are often the Sphynx, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and Bengals. They offer cheap prices, generally, half of what a legitimate breeder would charge and they suck you in with urgency to place your deposit before the fake kitten is sold elsewhere.  Cheap and rushed is often far more expensive!

To educate yourself further about puppy and kitten scams please pop over to Puppy Scam Awareness Australia and read their help articles.

Bengal Kittens in Action

Phew!  You’ve read through all that text and chatter and made it to the end!  To get the smile back on your face and some joy back in your day, here are some of our favourite action photos of our kittens.

clouded leopard kitten
silver bengal kitten underside