Bengal Kittens

Welcome to the Ashmiyah Bengal Cattery of Adelaide, South Australia! I’m Lee and together with my family we have been producing and preserving the Bengal Breed since 2009. Our breed knowledge and experience make us an exceptional choice to work with you in creating your newest family member.

Lee of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Registered Bengal Cat Breeder

Bengal Kittens For Sale

At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we breed Bengal kittens on a Pre-Booking Deposit List to ensure responsible breeding practices and to avoid over-breeding this spectacularly unique breed.

Our meticulous approach to breeding Bengal cats guarantees their longevity and preserves their exceptional qualities.

By prioritizing the health and well-being of our Bengal cats and kittens, we ensure that their best attributes of the breed will be enjoyed for decades.

Booking are being accepted for the following months.

  • 2024 – July, August, September – FULLY BOOKED
  • 2024 – October, November, December – Minimal spaces available
  • 2025 – January, February, March – Minimal spaces available

These are the months that our kittens will graduate the Ashmiyah Cattery and join their new families. They will be 12-14 weeks of age during these months and ready for departure.

Brown Bengal Examples

Brown Bengal Kitten
bengal kitten

Snow Bengal Examples

Seal Mink Bengal Kitten
Seal Lynx Bengal Kitten

How To Pre-Book Your Kitten

Booking a Bengal kitten from us is simple and streamlined.

Consider these questions:

  • Are you prepared to wait for the right kitten to be bred?
  • Do you believe our breeding practices align with your ideals of how a breeder should operate?
  • Do you feel the way we raise our Bengal kittens meets your expectations?

STEP 1:  Did you answered yes to these questions?

Then proceed by filling out a Bengal Kitten Application Form or call Lee at 0435 942 244 to discuss your suitability for Bengal ownership.

STEP: 2    Once we’ve either had a chat or receive your form, we will contact you to answer any questions and discuss what is involved in bringing a kitten into your family. If we all agree to proceed with a kitten placement, a non-refundable Pre-Booking Deposit Fee of $500 will be required. This fee goes towards the purchase price of your Bengal Baby.

STEP 3:  Provide your information, await your pre-booking invoice, then place your pre-booking fee.

Choose Ashmiyah Bengal Cats for a seamless process and to secure an exceptionally well-bred Bengal kitten in Australia.

Kitten Care Package

At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we provide a comprehensive care package to ensure your Bengal kitten is healthy and well-prepared for its new home:

  • DNA Clear for Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Deficiency)
  • DNA Clear for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-b), Bengal Specific
  • Desexed
  • Vaccinated
  • Wormed
  • Vet Checked
  • Micro-chipped and Registered to New Owner’s Details
  • Registered Pedigree Papers in New Owner’s Name from GCCFASA
  • Litter Trained
  • Full feeding guide
  • 6 weeks free introductory Pet Insurance provided by Pet Cover Australia (See below table of cover)

Plus an extensive Bengal Kitten Care E-Book for all your wants and needs which had been written especially by us.

Our baby Bengals are ready to join their new families at 12-14 weeks.

Pet Cover Insurance Policy

Bengal Pet Insurance Cover

At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we ensure new Bengal kitten owners are well taken care of with our exceptional support and comprehensive care package. Our dedication provides guidance every step of the way, ensuring your kitten is well-socialized, and ready to become a beloved member of your family from the time they arrive. Experience the joy of owning a kitten with Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, where quality and care are our top priorities.

Lee of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Registered Bengal Cat Breeder

The Ashmiyah Kitten Care Guide

The Ashmiyah Kitten Care Guide is the ultimate go-to PDF, portable resource for all the new cat parents out there! Packed with a whopping 32 pages of kitten information, this guide will ensure you and your Ashmiyah kitten will have the best start to your journey together.

The guide covers everything you will need to know about feeding, settling in, play, training and so much more.

It’s like having a wise cat whisperer right in your pocket! 

Information included with your Kitten Care Guide is: Harness training, settling techniques, items your kitten will need, safety proofing your home, cat enclosures for the ultimate outdoor safety and joy, plus a tone of other useful kitten information.

Bengal Kitten Care Guide
Mobile Bengal Cat Care

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats was established and Registered in 2009 when our first litter of Bengal kittens arrived.

Now in 2024 we are still creating some of Australia’s finest Bengals!

Lee of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Registered Bengal Cat Breeder

Kitten Transport

pp-20 Flight Crate
Qantas Pet Flight
PP-20 Flight Crate
Virgin Pet Flight

If you are not a resident of South Australia, our interstate and international Bengal kitten transport is safely handled by Kathie and her team at Animal Travel – Adelaide With over 25 years of experience, this family-run business has been transporting our kittens across Australia and internationally since 2009, providing unparalleled care.

Why We Choose Animal Travel for your Bengal Kitten Transport

  • Experienced and Reliable: Over 25 years in the industry.
  • Fast and Safe Routes: Coordinated travel times to ensure minimal stress for your kitten.
  • Collaborative Effort: Works closely with us, new Bengal kitten owners, and airline officials.
  • Comfortable Travel: Uses Qantas and Virgin airlines to ensure comfort during the journey.
  • Weather Considerations: Plans flights around hot weather policies and adverse conditions.

Simple Steps for The Flight Transport

  1. Flight Booking: Once your kitten is ready to leave Ashmiyah Cattery, we contact Kathie to arrange the flight.
  2. Booking Confirmation: Kathie books the flight and emails us a Flight Booking Form.
  3. Forwarding Details: We send you the Flight Booking Form.
  4. Payment and Extras: You contact Kathie and her team directly to make your payment and discuss add-ons like airport-to-door delivery.

Customer Care and Transport Coordination

We organize transport as part of our customer care, ensuring a smooth process. Please note, transport costs are handled directly with Animal Travel, and we do not collect funds for transport services.

Our Bengal Breeding Experience

Why Our Bengal Cats & Kittens Shine

With close to two-decades of dedicated Bengal cat breeding behind us, we have only ever focused on the one breed.  This means our research, knowledge, connections and hands-on experience is all Bengal related. We know the breeds needs, quirks, problems and lovable characteristics.  Under our care they thrive.


Dedicated Breeding Practices

We operate on a Pre-Booking Deposit List to maintain ethical breeding standards and to avoid the overpopulation of kittens within Australia. By breeding only when there are homes in place, we do not contribute to the heartbreaking Bengal rescue and rehoming merry-go-round.  Instead, each of our kittens receives the best possible care and placement. We prioritize both the long term physical and mental health of the Bengal kittens we produce, giving them the best in life.


Health and Genetic Screening

Health is our top priority at Ashmiyah Bengal Cats. Our breeding cats undergo rigorous health and genetic screening to ensure they are free from hereditary diseases. Our Bengal kittens are DNA clear for Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Deficiency) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-b), specific to Bengal cats. This meticulous health screening guarantees robust and healthy kittens, offering new owners peace of mind.


Comprehensive Care Package

Our kitten care package gives each kitten a wonderful start to life. Each kitten from Ashmiyah Bengal Cats comes desexed, vaccinated, wormed, vet checked, and micro-chipped, with the microchip registered to the new owner’s details. Additionally, each kitten comes with registered pedigree papers in the new owner’s name from GCCFASA. Our comprehensive care package ensures your Bengal kitten is well-prepared for a smooth transition to its new home.


Socialization and Training

Early socialization is crucial, and at Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, our Bengal kittens are raised in a loving and nurturing environment. They are exposed to various stimuli, including different people, sounds, and experiences, helping them develop into well-adjusted, confident, and friendly cats. We also ensure that our kittens are litter trained before they leave for their new homes, making the transition easier for both the kitten and the new owner.


Bengal Parent Support

Our commitment to our Bengal kittens extends beyond the breeding and raising process.  We will always be here to provide new kitten parents support and guidance.


Bengal Kitten Price Guide

We’ve been studying the Bengal Cat breed since its arrival in Australia and breeding our own Bengal cats since 2009.

We pride ourselves on breeding high-quality kittens with a variety of stunning coat colours and patterns. Below is our comprehensive kitten price guide to help you find your perfect Bengal companion.


Bengal Kitten Prices

  • Brown Bengal Kittens: From $3000
  • Seal Mink Bengal Kittens: From $3000
  • Seal Lynx Bengal Kittens: From $3000
  • Silver Bengal Kittens: From $3000
  • Charcoal Bengal Kittens: From $3000

Note: Prices may vary based on specific traits, lineage, and individual kitten characteristics. Please contact us for exact pricing and availability of specific kittens.

Coat Colors At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Brown Bengal Coat Colour

Classic and vibrant, brown Bengal kittens are known for their rich, golden to reddish-brown coats with contrasting black or dark brown markings. Their eyes are Green or Gold.

Our Cooler Brown Bengals have lustrous high gloss, silken coats with inky markings.  They’re eyes are Green or Gold.


Seal Mink Bengal Coat Colour

Our Silver Seal Mink and Seal Mink Bengals have a creamy or ivory background colour with light to dark brown markings, often resulting in a beautiful, soft look. They have aqua eyes.


Seal Lynx Bengal Coat Colour

Our Silver Seal Lynx and Seal Lynx Bengals feature a snowy white or pale cream base coat with light to medium brown markings, creating a striking contrast as they mature. They are often born completely white!  This is the only colour of Bengal that will have Blue eyes.


Silver Bengal Coat Colour

Silver Bengals boast a cool, silvery-white base coat with black or dark grey markings, giving them a sleek and elegant appearance of hogh contrast and minimal tarnish. They have green or gold eye colouring.

There Are Four Bengal Coat Patterns


Spotted Pattern

Spotted Bengals have random, leopard-like spots scattered across their bodies. These spots can vary in size and shape, adding to their wild and exotic look. Straight spotted Bengals are rare within our breedings.


Rosetted Pattern

Rosetted Bengals feature larger, more defined spots with a darker outline and lighter centre, resembling rosettes. This pattern is highly sought after for its beauty and resemblance to a wild leopard. This is the coat pattern that we specialise in at Ashmiyah Bengal Cats.


Charcoal Pattern

Charcoal Bengals have a darker coat colour and a distinctive mask-like facial marking, plus back cape. The Charcoal pattern combines with the spotted pattern. This unique appearance sets them apart from other Bengals. Charcoal kittens are rare within our breeding program.


Marble Pattern

Marble Bengals have a swirling pattern that flows horizontally across their bodies, creating a marbled effect. This pattern has an artistic appearance to it.  We do not breed for the Marble Bengal pattern.

The Bengal coat comes in 2 lengths

Shorthaired Bengal Coat

The common Shorthaired coat is sleek and sits flush to the skin, wrapping itself over the muscle structure of the Bengal cat, showing the wild beauty of its movement.

 Longhair Bengal Coat (The Cashmere Bengal Cat)

The Longhair Bengal coat or Cashmere Bengal coat as it is known in a few select breeding programs overseas, is exactly that. A Bengal cat with long fur much like a Maine Coon cat.  This coat length is not a Breed Standard recognized coat length in Australia and is still unrecognized.

The Ashmiyah Focus

The focus of the Ashmiyah Breeding program is to continue refining the shorthaired Bengal to the Bengal Breed Standard. We want to see unwavering consistency to the wild look we’ve grown to love and admire.

Contact Us

If you are interested in adding a beautiful Bengal kitten to your family or have any questions about our kittens and breeding practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the perfect kitten that fits your preferences and lifestyle.


Phone: Lee at 0435 942 244

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Thank You

The small team at Ashmiyah Benal Cats hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to our page. We also hope we’ve been able to give you an insight into who we are and how we run our precious Bengal breeding program.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all the information we have supplied for you.

Our breeder responsibility is so much more than producing Bengal kittens for sale. We are the guardians of the breed and it is up to us to fully educate you as a prospective owner about all aspects of the breed and what you should be able to expect from your chosen breeder.

It’s vital that you are aware of what you should be receiving with your kitten purchase. We can all get caught up in the excitement of the moment and impulse buy, but that’s when mistakes are made, and regrets can happen.

We want your decision to bring a Bengal kitten into your home to be well thought out. We want you to know this is the right breed for you and that you are ready for the transition.

The right kitten is always worth the wait!

Lee of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Registered Bengal Cat Breeder