Bengal Kittens

Are you searching Australia for your ideal Bengal kitten?

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats was established in 2009.  We are a Registered, Pedigree Bengal kitten breeder, specializing in Brown, Silver, and Snow Bengal kittens for loving pet homes.

We are located in Adelaide, South Australia. Our kittens are available in every State of Australia and are commonly flown to multiple Australian destinations.  (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Queensland, ect)

International destinations are easily arranged.

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Kitten Care Guide

The Ashmiyah Kitten Care Guide is the ultimate go-to PDF, portable resource for all the new cat parents out there! Packed with a whopping 32 pages of kitten information, this guide will ensure you and your Ashmiyah kitten will have the best start to your journey together.

The guide covers everything you will need to know about feeding, settling in, play, training and so much more.

It’s like having a wise cat whisperer right in your pocket! 

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    Everyone always asks to see more photos of our Bengal kittens and breeding cats.

    We have thousands of photos and videos for you to view which date back to 2009.

    Due to space and speed restrictions on our website, our main photos can be found on our Gallery page.

    Other photos and videos can be found on our Social Media platforms.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are you located?

    Adelaide, South Australia

    I live in a different State of Australia. Can you transport a kitten to me?

    Yes. We use a professional Animal Transport Company that ensures our kittens receive all the comforts they need on their travels.

    Are your kittens Litterbox trained?

    Yes. We put endless hours into each kittens training and they are fantastic with their litterbox use by 12 weeks of age. This training will need to continue in the first few weeks when they join you as they will be in an unfamiliar environment.

    Do you socialize your kittens?

    Our kittens begin receiving handling right from birth. This builds trust and familiarity. They are exposed to various stimuli to help them become well-adjusted and confident cats. This includes introducing them to different sounds, smells, textures, and environments.

    How are your Bengal kittens raised?
    At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we prioritize the well-being and development of our Bengal kittens, which is why we do not engage in cage-raising practices.

    Our kittens are raised in a nurturing, cage-free environment where they have the freedom to explore, play, and interact with humans and their littermates. We believe that this approach promotes their natural behaviors, supports their physical and mental stimulation, and allows them to develop into confident and happy cats.

    Our commitment to cage-free upbringing ensures that when you choose a Bengal kitten from us, you are welcoming a well-socialized and emotionally balanced companion into your home.


    I cannot find the price of your kittens listed. How much do they cost?

    At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we believe in personalized communication when it comes to the suitability and pricing of our Bengal kittens. Each kitten is unique, and determining the placement and price involves considering various factors.

    By engaging in direct communication, we ensure a proper match and provide comprehensive information about the costs associated with our breeding program. This approach prioritizes the well-being of our kittens and helps them find loving and responsible homes.

    Please browse our website.  View our breeding Bengal cats, our kittens for sale, and our informative pages that will help you to learn more about the Bengal breed and our breeding practices.