The Bengal Cat Personality

Written by an experienced Bengal breeder, lover and owner

The Quirky Nature of the Bengal Cat Breed

The Bengal cat personality can be summed up in one statement. Bengal cats have a ridiculous amount of personality. On top of having personality, they are a life force once they enter your home. I’ve lived with a number of Bengals over the years from kittenhood to senior geriatrics. Below is my take on the breed personality.

Bengal Cats are Sensitive

The 1st trait of the Bengal cat personality I want you to understand is how highly sensitive this breed is. Your Bengal will move heaven and earth to be your everything. (they usually do this with a touch of naughtiness and a whole lot of love).

A Bengal wants and thrives on being a fully-fledged family member!

They like having a routine. Small changes in their routine can upset them.

Bengals are like a mini-you.  If you’re happy, they are happy. If you are down, they’re down.

Bengal Cat Personality

Bengal Intelligence is Unmatched

This is the cringy part of the Bengal cat’s personality.  They are the doers and thinkers of the cat world. They are cats with attitudes!

They’re quirky, smart, outgoing, and eager to please. These cats are highly capable of outwitting their owners.

They are what I call, planner cats. They plan nearly everything, then they enact their plan. If they fail, they form a new plan and try again. The cat treat & special toy cupboards might need a child safety lock!

The best news is, this intelligent cat is highly trainable to do all sorts of things. They can Hi-5, play fetch, be trained to use the toilet, and walk on a harness and lead.

Brown Bengal cat grooming

A Bengals Energy Knows No Bounds!

Trait 3 of the Bengal cat personality is: In a nutshell, these cats are the Ferrari & Lamborghini’s of the feline world.

They have a need for speed and energy levels which never seem to run out.

Yes, they do sleep and have quiet time, but when they’re ready to hit the play button, they have an endless supply of batteries.

They are superb for energetic people and kids!

A Bengal cat’s favourite toy is the Da’Bird. You can purchase new attachments for this toy. Trust me, you will need a good supply!

Bengal Cats are Little Thieves…

This is the personality trait you must pay attention to.  They all love running off with makeup brushes, shower drain caps, sink plugs, dishcloths, hair clips, and hair ties.

Our gorgeous Middi (Ashmiyah Indian Summer) once stole a bag of hair ties and ate them!  Yes, she ate every single one. Thankfully, she threw them up pretty quick and didn’t need surgery to remove them.  Lots of other Bengal cats have not been so lucky. Small objects are a hazard.  Please keep them secure in drawers.

Meat left on the sink to thaw is always a looser. Thaw it in the microwave or fridge. Once the Bengal takes it, I guarantee you’ll not find it for another week or two. Or they’ll simply refuse to give it back.

The smaller and shinier something is, the more pride a Bengal will take in placing it in safekeeping for you. Do not leave your jewellery out when you own a Bengal!

Also, put your car keys in a safe place.  I’ve completely missed important appointments because a Bengal theif has run off with my keys and hidden them in some strange and ridiculously obscure place.

Bengal cat relaxed from catnip

Chatty, vocal, and loud!

Another mighty fine trait of the Bengal cat personality is their vocals.

All Bengal cats have a distinct voice box and most are very proud to use it!

If you do not like a chatty cat, you may want to look at a different breed.

A Bengal cat will often talk back to you. They’ll sternly tell you off.

Most will actively engage in conversations. Ask your Bengal how their day was and you will often need to put the kettle on and make a cuppa while you listen.

Learning the different sounds a Bengal cat can make, then knowing what each sound stands for is a total treat for most owners. It’s like breaking a code and can be one of the most rewarding tasks of owning a Bengal.

Bengal Cats Love Water

Yes! It’s true!  Most Bengals are addicted to water. Lots of cat breeds have a love for water!

For some, they like to have a little splash or catch it as it’s coming out of a tap. For others they like to create tide-a-waves of puddles everywhere they can find water.

Many Bengals will join their owners in the shower. They have also been known to swim in the bathtub or pool.

Did you know Bengal cats prefer to drink from a running source of water like a tap or fountain?


Bengal cat drinking water

Sharing Your Life with a Bengal Cat

Hopefully, the above insight into the Bengal cat personality will help you understand a little more of how they operate and interact within a home.

The Bengal cat personality can be overwhelming for some people to handle. Others love it and can’t wait to get home from work or school to spend time interacting with their Bengal.

Given the recent toilet paper shortages, I should also mention how much Bengals love playing with toilet paper…  You have 2 options. Lock it up securely and keep it safe, or learn to enjoy cleaning up a mess like the one pictured here. 🙂

Owning a Bengal means taking something like this in your stride and being about to laugh about it!

This bedroom artwork is compliments of Mitz and our beloved Dude.

Bengal cats playing-toilet-paper

Has our description of the Bengal cat personality convinced you this is the right breed for you?