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Ashmiyah Bengal Cats have been making peoples dreams of owning a Bengal cat a reality since 2009.  We are dedicated breeders with a strong focus on breed health, lovable temperaments and superb good looks.

Who is suited to owning a Bengal Cat?

Bengals need dedicated owners. They can be cheeky cats and have a mischievous nature.  No means yes in a Bengal cat world and a cuddle makes everything alright. That’s even after they’ve shredded your toilet paper our tipped your morning coffee over to gain your attention.

updated 02/11/2020


For those who have submitted a Bengal kitten Application Form and been in touch with us, please note we will be booking our final available kittens on the 9th to 10th of November

Bengal kitten male

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Bengal kitten female

Ashmiyah Feature Video

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Bengal cats are very curious! Seeing them in action is always nice.

They love having a good run, bird watching and chowing down on the cat grass in their special garden.

The Ashmiyah Bengal Cat Clan


Ashmiyah Bengal Studs

Meet the Ashmiyah boys!

Each Bengal lad is unrelated for genetic diversity within our program.

They have the highly sort after WOW factor Bengal looks and the most perfect temperaments to compliment them.


Ashmiyah Bengal Kittens

Is your next best friend a Bengal kitten?  Great choice if it is! Have a look at our Bengal Kittens For Sale page to see if a special little one takes your eye and melts your heart.

Kittens can be individually booked at 10 weeks of age.


Ashmiyah Bengal Queens

Meet the Bengal Mumma’s of the Ashmiyah family.  We have personally helped each of our girls enter the world. They have been retained because they are the best of the best Bengals we have bred. Their quality is what drives our breeding program forward.


Founder & Breeder of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

The Ashmiyah History

‘Ashmiyah Bengal Cats’ is a Bengal breeding Cattery. We produce exceptional kittens for family homes and the Cat Show bench. You’ll find us located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our breeding journey began in 2009. We started with a stunning breeding pair of pedigree Bengals. The first stud in the Ashmiyah program was imported all the way from America and our first queen was bred from an overseas Sire and Dam. Both of which came all the way from the United Kingdom.  They were a fantastic match, together they created the very distinctive Áshmiyah Bengal pedigree line’ we have today.

Cat Show Quality

During 2009 to 2012 we avidly entered our cats in Cat Shows. Our Ashmiyah Bengal cats and kittens did us proud. Each cat we showed had successful wins.  Many gained Supreme of Show wins and titles.

From 2009 to today, we have dedicated ourselves to exclusively breeding the Bengal breed.  Our commitment to health, temperament and breathtaking quality is unwavering.

Program Focus

Above all else, breed quality is our focus.  We specialise in the brown Rosetted Bengal cats and kittens (BEN24).  Subsequently by concentrating our genetic and pedigree research on just one colour and one breed, we’ve gained an extensive knowledge of the breeds genetics. This is how we have successfully created some of the countries finest Bengals.

In addition to having over a decade of breed experience, we’re highly skilled in all aspects of Animal Husbandry. As a result, we know exactly what care each kitten needs to thrive in their most crucial weeks of life.  Ashmiyah Bengal Cats are proficient in all aspects of neonatal kitten care and socialization.

Read our reviews to see what others have to say about our dedication to the Bengal breed.

Bengal Cats

Breed Features within our Bengal Cattery

With over a decade of experience refining the breed, Ashmiyah Bengal Cats have spent years working on specific traits and features.  This undertaking has been done over many generations of Bengal cats which were personally bred by us.

This means we know our pedigree lines extensively and with that we know what each cat within our breeding program passes down the line to the next generation.

Our Bengal cats all have the highly prized two-toned rosetted coat pattern and the unique Gold Glitter genes.

Raising Bengal kittens

Our Bengal kittens are raised cage free with their mums, within our home. We keep a very harmonious multi-cat household.  Our Bengals all get along and enjoy each other’s company.  The raising of our kittens happens in stages.

0-3 weeks they stay with mum nursing and sleeping.

At 3-6 weeks they begin weaning, walking, and playing. All while still staying close to mum.

By 6–9 weeks they are learning all about social etiquette amongst their littermates and litterbox training is in full swing. At this age our Bengal kittens are gaining independences and learning to investigate new things.  They thrive on human interactions and will always seek out cuddles and play.

From 9-12 weeks they know who they are and have formed the bases of their individual personalities. At around 12 weeks of age they are ready to meet the world and more importantly, their new families.

Bengal Kitten Litter
Brown Spotted Bengal Cat feeding kittens
Bengal Cat nursing kittens
Golden Bengal kitten with rosetted pattern

Bengal Kitten Enquiries


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