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Registered Pedigree Bengal Cat Breeder, specializing in Brown, Silver, Charcoal & Snow Bengal kittens for Pet, Show and Breeding homes.

We’re located in Adelaide, South Australia. Our Bengal kittens can be found in every State of Australia. (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Queensland, ect)

International destinations are easily arranged.

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats has close to two-decades of hands-on Bengal breed and kitten raising experience.

We LOVE what we do and have dedicated our lives to ensuring the breed thrives for decades to come.

We want to see future generations of Bengal lovers enjoying the breed and feeling the magic these special little felines share.

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Is the Bengal cat the right breed for you?

Visually Bengals look like little Leopards or Jaguars and their stunning rosetted coat patterns capture our imagination.

Bengal cats have many character traits that appeal to all types of pet owners.

Affectionate and Social

Many Bengal cats build strong bonds with their owners and love being a part of the family. They often seek attention and strive to be involved with whatever you are doing. Their social nature can be appealing to owners who desire a cat that will actively engage with them and be a loving companion.

Low Maintenance Grooming

Bengal cats have a short, sleek coat that is simple to groom and maintain. They do not typically have an undercoat, which means they shed far less than some other cat breeds. The low maintenance grooming requirements of a Bengal can be convenient for owners who prefer a cat with minimal grooming needs.

Active and Playful

Bengal cats are highly energetic and love to play. They have a natural agility and enjoy interactive toys, climbing, and exploring their environment. A Bengals active nature is one of the most appealing traits for owners who want an engaging pet that enjoys playtime and provide entertainment.

Intelligent and Curious

They are highly trainable and love to investigate and explore. Their intelligence makes them quick learners and they are capable of understanding various commands. Bengals can be harness and lead trained, taken for walks, and are often seen at a variety of public places, like the beach and local cafes. This trait can be appealing to owners who want a cat where they themselves and their cat can both be mentally stimulated.

Remember owning a Bengal cat comes with responsibilities, you will need to continue to provide proper care, attention, and a suitable environment. It’s important to thoroughly understand the specific needs and characteristics of Bengal cats before deciding to bring one into your home.

Bengal Colours & Patterns We Breed

Our breeding program is specifically focused on producing quality kittens with sound body structures and exceptional coats and patterns.

All of the pedigree Bengal cats at Ashmiyah are highly Glittered and pass this breathtaking, unique gene onto their kittens.

We breed 4 main coat colours

Brown Spotted/Rosetted kittens

This colour and pattern is highly sought after and the most loved colour for Bengal cat owners who adore the visual look of the wildcat.


Silver Spotted/Rosetted kittens

Silver Bengal cats have a base coat color that ranges from pale silver to a darker silver color. The spots or rosettes are typically black or dark grey. The rosettes are highlighted by the paler background coat colour.

Silver Snow Spotted/Rosetted kittens

The Silver Snow colour is achieved via some specific pairings within our cattery. These pairings produce Silver Lynx Bengal kittens, Silver Mink & Silver Sepia Bengal kittens.

Snow Spotted/Rosetted kittens

Snow Bengal cats have a lighter coat color that ranges from off-white to pale cream. There are three breed standard recognized variations of snow Bengal cat based on their colouring: Seal Lynx Point, Seal Mink, and Seal Sepia. These all have markings in shades of tan, brown and dark brown.


Charcoal Spotted/Rosetted kittens

Charcoal Bengal Cats come in a variety of colours. Charcoal Bengal kittens via the Breed Standard are kittens who sport a Mask and Cape. With specific pairings, the Ashmiyah breeding program produces Brown Charcoal Bengal Cats, Silver Charcoal, Lynx Charcoal, Mink Charcoal and Sepia Charcoal.

Charcoal Bengal Kitten

Our Breed Statement and Purpose

Our breeding program is committed to producing healthy Bengal kittens with the utmost care and dedication. Our primary purpose is to prioritize the well-being and health of our cats and the kittens they produce throughout the entire breeding process. We believe that breeding and maintaining healthy Bengal cats is a responsibility and a fundamental necessity for the betterment of the breed.

To achieve this goal, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Healthy Bengal Cats: We conduct health tests for our breeding cats, including regular veterinary check-ups and genetic testing of common breed-specific health conditions. By ensuring that our breeding cats are healthy and free from known hereditary issues, we aim to reduce the risk of passing on any potential health concerns to future generations.


  • Selective Pairings: We carefully select mating pairs based on their individual, temperaments and their conformation to the International TICA breed standard. We keep our breeding coefficiency as low as possible and often use imported pedigree lines to maintain our high standards. Our focus is on preserving and improving the breed’s health by selecting cats with robust genetics, strong immune systems, and excellent overall health.


  • Proper Nutrition and Care: We provide our breeding cats with a balanced and nutritious diet, along with regular exercise and mental stimulation. Their well-being is our priority and we provide a safe and clean environment that supports their physical and emotional health.


  • Responsible Breeding Practices: We ensure our Bengals have adequate downtime between litters to recover and maintain their overall health. We also limit the number of litters we produce per year. This gives us ample time to share ourselves between our beloved Bengals and the kittens we produce.


  • Collaboration with Veterinary Professionals: We work closely with experienced veterinary professionals who specialize in feline health. Their expertise and guidance help us make informed decisions regarding breeding, health management, and the overall care of our cats and the Bengal kittens we have for sale.


  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: We stay informed about the latest research and developments in feline health and breeding practices. By continually educating ourselves and staying updated, we strive to implement the best possible strategies to enhance the health and well-being of our Bengal cats.


Ultimately, our breeding statement emphasizes our unwavering commitment to producing healthy Bengal cats as future family companion pets. We believe that responsible breeding practices and prioritizing the health of our cats contribute to the long-term welfare of the breed, ensuring that our kittens are not only visually stunning but also physically and mentally robust companions for their future owners.


two-toned rosette pattern on Bengal kitten
breed standard - Bengal cat



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