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warm golden Bengal cat
Seal Mink Bengal kitten
Brown rosetted Bengal kitten
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LATEST UPDATE: 16th January 2022

Our next available kittens are expected: April 2022

For more information contact us around the middle of May 2022

Lee PH: 0435 942 244


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Ashmiyah Bengal Cats Breeding Colours for 2022

Warm/Golden Brown rosetted kittens

Cool Brown rosetted kittens

Black Silver rosetted kittens

Seal Mink rosetted kittens

Seal Sepia rosetted kittens

An example of our Warm Brown Bengal kittens

Bengal kittens-Available For Sale-BRF-1
two-toned rosette pattern on Bengal kitten
Sorrel Bengal kitten pattern

An example of our Cool Brown Bengal kittens

large rosette Bengal pattern
pancake rosetted Bengal kitten
Cool Brown Bengal kitten

Producing quality Bengal pets

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats have been making peoples dreams of owning a Bengal cat a reality since 2009.  We are dedicated breeders with a strong focus on breed health, lovable temperaments and superb good looks.
Please read through our site to see if a Bengal is a suitable cat for your family.

Who is suited to owning a Bengal Cat?

Bengals need dedicated owners who have time to nurture them. They can be cheeky cats and have a mischievous nature.  No means yes in a Bengal cat world and a cuddle makes everything alright. That’s even after they’ve shredded your toilet paper our tipped your morning coffee over to gain your attention.

Sorrel Bengal cat

The Ashmiyah History

‘Ashmiyah Bengal Cats’ is a Bengal breeding Cattery. We are hobby breeders dedicated to the Bengal breed. You’ll find us located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our breeding journey began in 2009. We started with a stunning breeding pair of pedigree Brown Spotted Bengals. The first stud in the Ashmiyah program was imported all the way from America and our first queen was bred from an overseas Sire and Dam. Both of which came all the way from the United Kingdom.  They were a fantastic match, together they created the very distinctive Áshmiyah Bengal pedigree line’ we have today.

Bengal Breeding Program Focus

Breed quality and temperament are our focus points. Kittens are raised within our home.

Being hobby breeders our cat numbers are small and there is plenty of time in our days to ensure our cats and kittens receive all the attention they could want.  This greatly prepares them for their new homes.  

In addition to having over a decade of breed experience, we’re highly skilled in all aspects of Animal Husbandry. As a result, we know exactly what care each kitten needs to thrive in their most crucial weeks of life.  Ashmiyah Bengal Cats are proficient in all aspects of neonatal kitten care and socialization.

Brown Rosetted Bengal kitten

Meet our Bengal kittens and cats

Sorrel Bengal kitten
Bengal Cat Whited underside