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Bengal Cats Australia

UPDATED 10th August 2019

Available for Adoption

Whiskey & Saska have now retired from our breeding program and both are looking for their forever homes.

Learn More About The Girls

Waiting List Closed! allocated forever homes

“Thank you to all applicants and returning kitten owners. Both kitten litters have been booked. Our next kittens are expected to arrive in September of 2019”Bengal Cats Australia

Litter 1: Bengal kittens born: 26th June | Available: 18th September

Litter 2: Bengal kittens born: 1st July | Available 23rd September

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Bengal Kittens Have Arrived

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Bengal Cats Australia

Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting!

Bengal Cats Australia is the heart and soul of my cat loving family!

We’re dedicated breeders of Bengal cats and kittens.  You can find us in sunny Adelaide of South Australia.


Don’t despair if you are not local to us.  We freight our kittens Australia wide and to overseas destinations.

We hope by visiting Bengal Cats Australia, you will gain a wealth of knowledge about the breed and be better equipped to decide if a Bengal kitten is right for you and your family.

Brown Bengal Cat - Ashmiyah RenegdeBengal cat-Ashmiyah Sneaky Ms Cheekybrown spotted bengal cat - ashmiyah final edition
Bengal cat - Ashmiyah Special Editionbengal cat - ashmiyah gypsy expressBengal cat - Ashmiyah Sundaze Jewel

Bengal Cats Australia Breeding Cats

Quality and health have always been at the forefront of our breeding program.

Being small in-home breeders dedicated to quality above quantity, we have needed to be astute about which cats we work with.  Sound genetics and dominant traits have been vital.

With each year we have been breeding the quality of our cats has improved.

Our Bengal studs and queens are all exceptional examples of the breed.  We currently have the 5th generation of our original breeding cats entering our program.  That’s a solid 10 years of breed knowledge and  5 generations of assessing health, structure, temperament and patterns.

Knowing our pedigree lines so thoroughly benefits not only the future of our program, but also all of our current & future pet owner kittens.

bengal stud - ashmiyah hez got attitude

Do you want to learn more about the Bengal? Or welcome a special kitten into your home? 

You’ve come to the right place.  We’re here to help you decide if a Bengal personality will suit your lifestyle.

For many, owning a breathtaking Bengal Cat is a lifelong dream


After a decade of breeding and owning Bengals, we have a a whole lot of experience to share.  The answers to all your questions can be found here with us!

Bengal kitten  | Cutting edge rosettes
Bengal cat with whited underside

What makes the Bengal cat so special?

The superb Bengal Personality!

Whilst the Bengal coat pattern captures the eye, their unique personality captures the heart.

For a better understanding of their quirky, lovable nature, read our take on the Bengal Cat Personality You will either fall in love some more, or you will decide the Bengal is too much to handle.

Bengal kitten playing
Bengal kittens playing

Raising Bengal Kittens

For us as breeders we feel each kitten deserves the best start to life.  Once born, kittens are in our care for around 12 to 14 weeks.

To raise the kittens properly they need a wealth of nurturing and training to prepare them for their new homes.

Our kittens health, nutritional and social needs are our focus.

Raising Bengal kittens, is just like raising small children.  They always leave their toys out and love to be involved in whatever we’re doing.  They make opening the fridge door close to impossible, and we won’t even discuss the difficulties of loading the dishwasher while a curious litter of kittens help. 🙂

As breeders and Bengal lovers, we would not have our daily life any different!

There is always the blessing of a cuddle. A smile put on our faces. Or a good dose of laughter over their kittens antics.  Life in our home is never dull.

For more information about how we raise our kittens, visit our dedicated Bengal Kitten page.

Bengal kitten
brown rosetted Bengal kitten

Trusted Registered Bengal Cat Breeder

Kitten owner reviews-Ashmiyah Bengals-Bengal Cats Australia

Read what others have to say about our program

We both have to say that we’ve *never* had such perfectly raised babies before, and we’ve both had animals from other “high reputation” breeders — your babies are just paws above everyone else!

Von Nessi ACT

“Lee, you are such an amazing person, and an inspiration. I am in the USA, but I am loving my Samson from Australia every moment. To all you folks blessed enough to live in Australia, look no further for a Bengal. I can attest that they are BEYOND top quality. Sorry I keep bragging, but I cannot get over how amazing he is.”

Miller USA

“We welcomed Eris into our home in February 2015 and have recently adopted Nyxi to enjoy her retirement with us. If you are looking for a breeder that will love your babies as much as you do, Ashmiyah Bengals is the breeder for you.”

Blake SA

“Lee’s cats truly grow up in the house as part of the family and the kittens are very well socialised and are used to a family life. All cats are very well cared for and have the best of everything and have nothing to want for! Lee goes to a lot of trouble to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be.”

Clark SA

For more reviews, visit our testimonial page