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β™₯β™₯ The Bengal Kittens we bred in 2016 β™₯β™₯

In 2016 we bred some of our best kittens to date.  They’re now loving life with their new owners.  In the slideshow below you can see if we have the type of quality you’re looking for.  If we do, then give us a call to apply for our waiting list.


About Our Breeding Program

Established in 2009: We breed under the registered prefix of Ashmiyah Bengals and specialize in breeding the Brown variants of the Spotted/Rosetted pattern.

In our early breeding years we Showed our Bengals with great success.  In 2010 young Sancheita Kokoda Trail was Reserve Bengal Entire of the year after limited Showing.  In 2010 our first kept home-bred girl, Ashmiyah Apache Raindance attended 6 shows before entering motherhood.  She gained Supreme of Show in 3 of those shows, and ranked highly in the other 3.  Following her success on the Show Bench was DB.GD.CH Ashmiyah Pure Rebel in 2011. He went supreme of show at just 14 weeks of age and went on to be awarded Best Bengal Entire of South Australia for 2011 with FASA & Reserve Bengal Entire of South Australia for 2011 with the GCCFSA. Rebel retired on his 1st birthday, half way through the 2011 Show year and began his Stud duties.   Our last Show was the Royal Adelaide Show in 2012 where Ashmiyah Sweet N Sassy (Rebel’s first daughter) was awarded Best Bengal Kitten of the Show & 2nd Best Owner Bred Cat of the Show. Her sister Ashmiyah Tequila Sunrise was awarded Reserve Best Bengal Kitten.

These Bengals have shaped our breeding program and the quality we’re breeding today is owed to these very special cats.

dividerKitten Care

Ashmiyah Bengals is a small in-home hobby breeding program, based in Adelaide, South Australia. We have a high focus on cat quality and health. Breeding Bengal kittens isn’t really an easy task if done in the best interest of the breed.  There’s an encyclopedia of Genetics to study and learn. Research into pedigree lines for sound health and dominant traits, and this is all before kittens are even planned.  

Bengal CatWhen you open your heart and home to one of our kittens, you can be sure our hard work, research and dedication to the breed, will be worth it!

If you’re looking for a Bengal with that breathtaking WOW factor look and a loving temperament, then we might have the right Bengal Cat for you!

Our Kittens are raised indoors, underfoot and are given an abundance of attention from day one.

‘My office is within my home, this means the kittens are always nearby and never go unattended during the months when they need attention the most.’

There’s a lot for them to learn.  By the time they leave my home and join yours, they’re confident, well adjusted, playful furkids of pure fun.

dividerRegistered Bengal Cat Breeder

Ashmiyah Bengals are duel registered with both South Australian Cat Councils, FASA & GCCFSA.  We’re also a fully registered cattery with TICA, The International Cat Association.

Cat Registration Councils

Fully Health Tested Pedigree Lines

The genetic health of our Bengals and your future kitten is paramount in our view.

All of the pedigrees we work with are full out-crosses for the genetic health and benefit of the Bengal breed.  This means there are no two cats in the same 5 generation pedigree more than once.

  • HCM:  Regularly screened pedigree lines with multiple generations of clear results.
  • PK-Deficiency:  All cats have tested DNA Negative.  We have no carriers of this gene.
  • PRA-B:  All cats Have tested DNA Negative.  We have no carriers of this gene.

‘A health tested cattery creates a thriving environment for kittens’divider

Meet our Bengal mums for 2017

AKA: Middi Moo

Bengal Cat - Brown Rosetted

Bengal Cats Australia

Bengal Cats Australia


AKA: Moonshine

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat


AKA: Whiskey





AKA: Saska


Bengal Cats AustraliaBengal Cat