Bengal Cat Breed Standard

Importantly, you need to know there is more than ONE Bengal Breed Standard. Each Cat Council has slight variations, but all are based around the TICA Breed Standard.

TICA: The International Cat Association Bengal Breed Standard

CFA: Cat Fanciers Association

CCCA: Coordinating cat Council Australia Bengal Breed Standard

ACF: Australian Cat Federation Bengal Breed Standard

Understanding the Breed Standard can be difficult, yet it is vital to our breeds development.

In South Australia alone we have two Breed standards that are not quite the same as each other. Our Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Standard is set by the ACF (Australian Cat Federation) & our Feline Association of South Australia is set via the CCCA (Cat Control Council of Australia.)

You may wish to ask your chosen breeder which standard they aspire their Bengal kittens to represent.

The breed standard is used for assessing Bengal kitten quality.  If you read on a website that a kitten is under evaluation.  The breeder is watching the kittens development and seeing where it fits on the score chart.

Each standard works on a scoring system of 100 points. These points are allocated to specific parts of the Bengal Cat being scored or judged. The judge or breeder looks at each part of the cat and then scores the cat on how closely its individual features match the Breed Standard. The higher the score, the more closely the cat resembles the ideals of the governing Cat Councils, Associations & Breeders, perfect cat.

Breeders should strive to be using cats that rank highly within the Standard in order to to keep the quality of what they produce moving forward and not stagnated.

A key point to remember is that all entire (undesexed) cats can breed and create offspring.

The real question to ask yourself is, ‘Are the cats your chosen breeder is using contributing to the betterment of the breed?’ Think: Health, Temperament, Type & Pattern.

The Standards are in place to encourage breeders to take the best of the best and painstakingly make it better!

Each part of the Standard is there to oversea that healthy, fault free cats with the correct physical breed traits continue in breeding programs.

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