Bengal Stud Cats

Working with exceptional quality Bengal stud cats is crucial to the breed’s integrity and advancement. High-quality studs ensure that the distinctive traits of Bengal cats—such as their striking coat patterns, vibrant colors, and playful yet affectionate temperaments—are consistently passed down to future generations.

Additionally, superior studs contribute to the overall health and genetic diversity of the breed, reducing the risk of hereditary diseases and promoting robust, well-rounded cats.

By prioritizing exceptional quality in breeding, we help maintain the Bengal’s unique characteristics and enhance the breed’s reputation and longevity.

Lee of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Bengal Cat Breeder

BestBengal Phoenix


Phoenix brings a combination of Swedish, USA & Australian pedigree lines to our cattery breeding program.

His body structure is strong and muscular with a streamlined appearance. His physique resembles his Asian Leopard cat ancestors with fabulous shoulder knuckling, longer hind legs and exceptional back-skulling.

They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul and with Phoenix’s deep emerald green eyes, he’ll steal your breath.

His sleek rosetted, tri-coloured coat is a rich, deep gold in colour tone. He is a carrier of both Glitter genes which makes him sparkle in the sunlight.

We all love a super playful, cuddly temperament and Phoenix is known for producing kittens which exemplify his characteristics.

Bengal Stud

More photos of Phoenix are available in his Facebook album

Asylum Chase N Dreams


Chase is the newest stud boy to join the Ashmiyah Breeding program.  His pedigree linage is a Bengal combination of exceptional lines from the USA, France, Poland, UK & Australia.

If ever you were wanting some sunshine on a rainy day, Chase would complete your world!

This handsome young lad boasts a perfect structure, combining many rare and sought-after features in one magnificent cat. If you’re looking for the ultimate “WOW” factor, Chase has it all!

His tight pelt shimmers like spun gold that’s had a lacquer poured over it.  His highly contrasted tri-coloured rosetting is wrapped over a supremely muscular body, making you literally feel like there’s a miniature leopard right by your side.


More photos of Chase are available in his Facebook album

Sancheita Sakari Spirit


Sakari joined the Ashmiyah breeding program as a kitten in 2020, and he’s been full of surprises ever since. Over the years, he has produced six different color combinations in his offspring, including Seal Mink, Silver Seal Mink, Seal Lynx, Silver Seal Lynx, Silver, and some of our most stunning warm/golden Browns.

His genetic diversity is further highlighted by his ability to produce both the rosetted pattern and the cape and masked Charcoal pattern.

Sakari is a gentle giant, weighing in at 8 kg. He has captivating aqua eyes, small ears, and a rosetted tail. His paws display large knuckles, a non-domestic trait, and his overall balanced structure is hard to beat. Sakari is undisputedly a tremendous asset to the Ashmiyah breeding program.

More photos of Sakari are available in his Facebook album

''To produce Quality, one must start with Quality''

At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we have over 16 years of experience and expertise in assessing and evaluating Bengal cats and kittens, making us key players in advancing the Bengal breed in Australia.

Our keen eyes can swiftly evaluate a Bengal against the breed standard, ensuring it possesses the necessary qualities to preserve the breed for future generations.

If you are looking for a quality Bengal kitten, we have done the hard work for you by selectively breeding only superior Bengals.

Our dedication to preserving the Bengal breed drives us to maintain the highest standards in our breeding practices.