Bengal Queens

Working with exceptional Bengal queens is crucial for the breed’s excellence and health. Top-quality queens pass on the Bengal’s distinctive coat patterns and vibrant colors to their kittens. They also enhance genetic diversity and robustness, reducing hereditary health issues and boosting overall vitality.

Bengal queens with ideal temperaments produce well-adjusted, affectionate kittens. By focusing on superior queens, breeders preserve and elevate the unique characteristics and enduring appeal of the Bengal breed.

Lee of Ashmiyah Bengal Cats

Registered Bengal Cat Breeder

Ashmiyah Wild Styles


Styles is a stunning Golden Bengal with a rare and exquisite coat. She boasts tri-colored rosetting and a distinctive counter-shaded pattern that whitens her underside and inner legs

This pattern is highly prized and notoriously difficult to achieve, reflecting a complex genetic trait inherited from her nocturnal, tree-dwelling Leopard cat ancestors.

Styles’s coat is not only unique but also showcases a high-gloss sheen and vibrant colors, adding to her allure. Her completely rosetted tail and rich golden eyes further enhance her captivating beauty, making her a truly remarkable example of the breed.

At Ashmiyah, we have dedicated ourselves to preserving the Bengal breed and ensuring its key traits and features endure for future generations.

With six generations of Ashmiyah’s lineage behind her, Styles represents the culmination of our hard work and commitment, proving that the effort has been well worth it.

warm brown Bengal Cat
Bengal Queens

More photos of Styles are available in her Facebook album

Cairngorm Bonnie Lass


One look at Bonnie, and it’s clear you’re seeing a Bengal of impeccable breeding. Her sire, Loki, was bred by the esteemed Praslin Cattery in the Netherlands, while her dam, Thorvi, hails from Scotland.

Bonnie’s great-grandsire, Alfacat Unicum, attended various cat shows in Hungary, quickly earning the prestigious title of World Champion. Her pedigree boasts numerous Regional Winners and Supreme Grand Champions.

Bonnie is a large, solid girl with superb boning. Her hind legs are slightly higher than her front, giving her shoulders a lowered stance that contributes to the jungle cat movement trait, distinguishing Bengals from domestic cats.

Her physical features are reminiscent of the small, forest-dwelling wildcats that the breed is meant to emulate. This exceptional lineage is evident in Bonnie’s remarkable qualities.

More photos of Bonnie are available in her Facebook album

Ashmiyah Rise N Shine


Call the fire brigade—this girl is flaming hot! Nahni is fascinating not only because of her striking appearance but also because she is genetically a full sister to our beloved Bonnie.

While my trained eye can spot the similarities, most people can’t find any connecting features when they meet the girls in person.

This is the marvel of phenotype at play. Phenotype refers to the physical appearance or characteristics displayed, whereas genotype is the set of genes in DNA responsible for these traits.

The diversity in phenotype is exactly what we were hoping for.

In addition to preserving a pedigree lineage of high-end international show cats, we have Nahni, a standout in her own right.

Her impeccable features include her prestigious pedigree, her unique phenotype, her recessive Snow Mink and Lynx genes, and her distinctive countershading, which features a dark topside and a light underside. A desired trait we will continue to evolve within the breed and our lines.

More photos of Nahni are available in her Facebook album

Ashmiyah Shez A Wildling


Lala is our sweet and sensitive girl with a cheeky, mischievous personality, embodying characteristics that are very specific to the Bengal breed.

Even if you were to cover her rosettes with a black coat of fur, her unique essence would still shine through. This is because she is full of Bengal Type and Wild Essence.

The more typey a Bengal is, the more they resemble, move, and react like their forest-dwelling ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat.

Lala is a superb throwback to her earlier generation lines, much like her great-great-grandam, Ashmiyah Apache Raindance (Zaya).

Zaya, my quirky Generation 7 (F7) girl, who was bred back in 2010, resembled a Generation 4 Bengal in every way, right down to her nightly ritual of singing the song of her people at 3 AM.

Lala’s pedigree also includes several of our imported pedigree cats, making her lineage irreplaceable within the breed.


Ashmiyah Pop Art


Poppy stands out uniquely in my breeding program as our first Bengal to exhibit the Clouded Leopard pattern. Her large, full rosettes fit together like a puzzle, leaving minimal space in between.

The Clouded Pattern is a result of years of dedicated breeding efforts.

If you’re a fan of Skeeter the Bengal Cat and his antics on social media, you’ll love Poppy’s kittens—she’s his full sister. They share many similarities, and Poppy’s kittens are famously inheriting these delightful traits.

Bred with meticulous care and consideration, Poppy is our genetic treasure trove, embodying specific breed genes. When paired with the right mate, she has the potential to produce Warm/Golden Browns, Snows, and Blues, preserving and enhancing the breed’s diversity.

Poppy is a sassy girl with plenty of cattitude, and we wouldn’t have her any other way. For those familiar with our pedigree lines and the history of our Bengals, Poppy is the great-grandchild of Dude and Whiskey (Ashmiyah Hez Got Attitude x Ashmiyah Gypsy Express). That heritage says it all! 😊

More photos of Poppy are available in her Facebook album

Ashmiyah Woodland Wonder


It’s impossible not to fall in love with Mayla! Her inky, vibrant, and crystal-clear color tone is truly captivating. The sharply defined edges of her rosettes create a striking contrast, making her coat resemble a superior artistic masterpiece rather than fur.

Look closely at the insides of her rosettes, and you’ll notice black spotting—a feature found on the majestic Golden Jaguars, not on domestic cats. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that exotic beauty?

Mayla’s genetic makeup combines two of our imported pedigrees from some of the finest Bengal breeders in the world. With such an exceptional lineage, we can expect great kittens from her in the future!

More photos of Mayla are available in her Facebook album

''To produce Quality, one must start with Quality''

At Ashmiyah Bengal Cats, we have over 16 years of experience and expertise in assessing and evaluating Bengal cats and kittens, making us key players in advancing the Bengal breed in Australia.

Our keen eyes can swiftly evaluate our Bengal Queens against the breed standard, ensuring they possess the necessary qualities to preserve in the breed for future generations.

If you are looking for a quality Bengal kitten, we have done the hard work for you by selectively breeding only superior Bengal Queens.

Our dedication to preserving the Bengal breed drives us to maintain the highest standards in our breeding practices.


warm golden Bengal cat