Adopted as at the 2/11/2019

Born: 02/09/2019

Ready: 25/11/2019

Sex: Male

Pattern/colour: Brown Marble

Pet Price: $1800.00

Age in Photos:  8 weeks

You can not go past a quality Marble Bengal!  These precious beauties have incredible patterns when they  mature.  The Marble pattern is an artistic delight.  It takes around 2 years for their pattern to fully develop.

At maturity a look of stained glass is achieved in their pattern.  Rich colour tones of dark browns, reds, golds and cream make them irresistible to look at.  They also have the most incredible softness to their pelts.

Bengal Cats Australia – Kitten Care Pack

All Ashmiyah kittens leave our home with the following:

  • A signed 2 year hereditary genetic health guarantee
  • All pet kittens and Show Neuters are desexed
  • Desex certificate
  • All age appropriate Vaccinations are carried out via a certified vet
  • Vaccination Card & Certificate
  • Microchip ID Number with Certificate + Full transfer into new owners name prior to departure
  • Fully documented & Certified Vet Health Check. Signed & Dated.
  • Up to date Worming
  • Full Pedigree Registration with GCCFSA – New owners have free choice in naming their Bengal
  • Nail Clipped
  • Settling, Diet & Extensive Care Guide
  • 6 weeks New Pet Insurance Cover
  • Interstate & International flights include flight bedding & soft toys

Transitioning help and Bengal care 24/7!

We air freight our Bengal kittens to all destinations of Australia

Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Darwin | Tasmania

Flights and associated costs are at the buyers expense